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Tucibi o 2CB: The new and dangerous drug of the upper class

Tucibi o 2CB: The new and dangerous drug of the upper class

Tubici 2CB drug

Tucibi or 2CB is a phenylethylamine designed from mezcalin and It is a derivative of amphetamines, but it has a more powerful and dangerous effect because it is a relatively recent drug. Therefore, the accuracy of its scope is not accurate.


  • 1 Origin of 2CB
  • 2 Sale and usual places of consumption
  • 3 Mechanism of action and forms of employment of Tucibi
  • 4 Psychological effects of 2-CB
  • 5 Effects at high doses
  • 6 Physical effects
  • 7 Side effects
  • 8 The design of an aphrodisiac
  • 9 Conclusions

2CB Origin

The relatively new drug was invented by an American chemist in the 70s, used primarily as an aid during psychotherapy.

Some American psychotherapists briefly experimented with her (alone and in combination with the MDMA or ecstasy), for the couple therapy, manifesting diverse results.

Since then it has been classified as a narcotic for the United Nations.

Sale and usual places of consumption

In the black market it is marketed in capsules, pills or powder to inhale, They can be any shape, size and color. It is usually found cut with amphetamine, fenmetrazine, methylphenidate, etc.

They are often sold in discos and bars frequented by people of great purchasing power, which together with the Tucibi high prices, has become famous as the elite drug; In Colombia it is known as the drug of the "models and queens of beauty", a country where it is widespread.

2-CB (2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromo-phenylethylamine) It is one of the designer drugs most successful today. Its consumption is spreading rapidly, it has entered Europe with force, especially in Germany.

Mechanism of action and forms of employment of Tucibi

This drug it is consumed orally. The effects begin between 15 and 35 minutes after taking it, and last between 2 and 4 hours. It seems that when it reaches the brain, 2-CB is fixed to the receptors of dopamine, adrenalin Y norepinephrine. In high doses it is a hallucinatory substance, while in smaller doses it is a soft sensory amplifier.

Thus, 2CB is considered a psychedelic substance With harmful repercussions.

Psychological effects of 2-CB

  • It produces mainly visual hallucinations, both with open and closed eyes. "Glitters" are popularly described as "the 70 visual clichés", with the feeling that objects that have "the texture of water", as with "waves".
  • Some users experience a decrease in visual acuity, although others report more acute vision.
  • Auditory hallucinations Some consumers say the effects are more intense when listening to music and report that they can "see sounds and noises."
  • Feeling restless and anxious.
  • Increased sensation of physical energy.
  • Perceptions of reality different from normal.
  • Although the effects of the drug often make users unable to concentrate on anything in particular, some may be more absorbed in a specific activity, such as watching a movie or playing a video game.
  • Laugh in excess, with lots of laughs.
  • Sensation of insight.
  • The increased awareness of the body itself; perceive bodily "imperfections" in excess or feel more intense internal processes.
  • Emotional changes: moving from good humor to reflection or introspection.
  • Confusion.

Effects at high doses

  • Vision of red or green halos around objects.
  • Impaired ability to communicate, maintaining a deep state of reflection.
  • Feeling fear during the experience.
  • Sensation of cold, or on the contrary, perception of feeling wrapped as in comfortable blankets and maximum pleasure.
  • Impairment of body coordination and loss of balance.

Physical effects

On a physical level, 2-CB stimulates cardiac and respiratory levels, It raises blood pressure, dilates the pupils and can lead to blurred vision, dizziness and insomnia. Nothing is known about its long-term effects.

It produces mild or severe diarrhea, gas, nausea, gastrointestinal and general malaise, dizziness, vomiting and seizures.

Then generate depression, insomnia Y severe pictures of anxiety. Its excessive consumption can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and generate cardiorespiratory arrest.

It is given orally and its absorption is rapid, as the effects begin between 15 or 20 minutes, with a full stomach it takes a little longer, and can remain in the body for up to four hours.

Side effects

The most worrying thing is that, due to the novelty of the drug, it is still secondary sequels have not been extensively studied and in the long term of this type of drugs. Therefore, any drastic physiological alteration should be considered as a medical emergency, since there is no literature about it.

Some users report nervousness and body tremors, with muscle spasms.

Have been described Severe headaches after taking high doses.

At doses of more than 30-40 mg the user may experience terrifying hallucinations, as well as tachycardia, hypertension and hyperthermia.

Low doses are calculated between 5 and 10 mg, average doses between 12 and 24 mg; the discharges between 25 and 30 mg; although there are no specific reports, lethal doses they can exceed 65 mg.

The design of an aphrodisiac

Various experiments performed on active substances of Tucibi and the ecstasy, conclude that the combination of 2-CB with MDMA becomes a true aphrodisiac, since it not only causes the desire to reach orgasm, but also a sustained genital stimulation. In the experiments, it was ensured that both drugs were not used at the same time, but that MDMA was first administered and shortly before the end of its effects, 2-CB. Although there are no reliable reports in this regard, the researchers say that the combination should be subject to careful studies and not take these effects as a treatment, since it is actually addictive and harmful drugs for all purposes.


Synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous for those who consume it, since they generate a psychotic behavior and are highly addictive. But the most important thing is that the damage they cause is usually irreversible.