Lack of sleep and loneliness equals social rejection

Lack of sleep and loneliness equals social rejection

Lack of sleep and loneliness are two realities very present in today's society. Both are equal cause and consequence of disorders such as depression, stress and social rejection. Let's see better why.


  • 1 An essential need
  • 2 Conclusions of the study
  • 3 The person lacking sleep is less attractive

An essential need

The human being, like many other animal species, needs to sleep to replenish the organism and function properly. This need seems to have become a luxury in today's society.

Lack of sleep can cause serious psychological problems both in the short and long term. Not sleeping well is source of stress and causes a noticeable lack of attention and concentration

People who do not sleep well see daily tasks very difficult. Your brain is not rested, so it is harder for him to face everyday problems and establish their perspective to solve them.

However, there is much more behind the lack of sleep, since it also affects the social response of the person. According to a study that has been published in the magazineNature Communication where for the first time the problems of lack of sleep are related to social isolation.

This research has been conducted by the University of California Berkeley, who concluded that people who suffer from social anxiety are also the ones who have the most difficulty sleeping.

The study was carried out as follows; First, the researchers made a record of the social and neuronal responses of a number of young adults after a night of normal sleep and compared it with the responses after a night of little rest.

Meanwhile, to the people who participated in the experiment they were shown videos of people with neutral expressions walking towards them. Participants had to stop the video when they thought they were too close.

The result was that the people who were deprived of sleeping enough hours generated a remarkable rejection, which did not happen with people who had slept between 7 and 9 hours.

Conclusions of the study

In this way, according to the researchers who have worked on this study, important details about what is already considered the epidemic of the 21st century can be obtained: we refer to loneliness.

But how do you get to this loneliness and how lack of sleep influences? The answer is determined precisely by the negative consequences of lack of sleep in the person.

One of them is that sleeping less hours makes us more irritable and we feel less like interacting socially. Similarly, other people perceive you as more repulsive. Therefore, the probability of social isolation is increased.

The research uncovered that not only people who don't get enough sleep have less interest in establishing social relationships. This makes them less attractive in the eyes of others.

Therefore, it is about a vicious circle in which one affects the other. It is a bidirectional link in the sense that one is the cause and consequence of the other, so it is important to avoid it in order to have good mental health.

The person lacking sleep is less attractive

All this is explained, as we said before, that the person lacking sleep is less attractive. This is due to the negative consequences of not sleeping or resting well, such as irritability, stress and depression.

The person who does not sleep well is more tired normally, wants less to make plans with other people and tends to isolate himself. You cannot think clearly about who has replaced your body conveniently during the sleep phase.

All this leads to isolation and loneliness. This is a problem that affects more and more people, according to the different studies that have been done in this regard in recent years.

For this reason it has been concluded that it is an epidemic. Thus, according to data from reports in this regard, it is indicated that 6 percent of Europeans consider that they have no one to talk to or trust to tell their personal problems.

In addition to the impact this has on the person's own mental health, this loneliness also entails an increased risk of falling into addictions As the alcoholism waves drugs, as well as to develop even physical problems, such as cardiovascular diseases.

In short, taking care of our dream and our social circle are the keys to good mental health. Therefore, it is important that we focus on taking care of these aspects of our lives to avoid falling into depression or suffering from any other type of disorder.