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Sleep apnea and natural treatments

Sleep apnea and natural treatments

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Sleep apnea


  • 1 What is sleep apnea?
  • 2 Consequences of sleep apnea
  • 3 The best sleeping positions
  • 4 Natural treatments for apnea

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is an interruption of breathing while we sleep. Normally this phenomenon produces interruptions with an estimated duration between 10 and 30 seconds. But it can even reach up to 1 minute. As usual the most common form is obstructive, which is produced by the difficulty of the air to be able to pass through our throat, either by obesity, by the so-called polyps, by having large tonsils or by some type of nasal problem.

Adults over 40 years and overweight tend to suffer more and apnea more frequently. Although it can also be suffered by any type of person. It is curious, but many people do not know that they suffer from apnea, so if the family becomes aware of it it would be correct to go to the health professionals obviously to comment, for their subsequent treatment.

Consequences of sleep apnea

We are talking about what happens in the dream, so our quality will get worse at bedtime. During the next day many people who suffer from apnea will usually notice fatigue, headaches or even difficulty concentrating. If such apnea is not corrected, it can lead to serious problems, since the lack of oxygenation in our body is obviously not good.

If we talk about alternative therapies in this regard, we will note that these will act on the reasons or causes that can cause such apnea, such as alcohol intake, smoking or obesity. And if we talk about tranquilizers for this issue, it must be said that they can also make apnea worse by producing excess relaxation of the neck muscles. Apnea can also be caused by other factors such as genetic type and that would only be treated by its symptoms, as in the other cases.

The best sleeping positions

Much has been said about the postures for sleep Well, we will say that there are certain postures that will allow us to breathe better during sleep, for the simple reason that the air will pass better through our respiratory passages. But now let's see for example some postures and their benefits.

Sleep with your torso and head elevated

It is advised for breathing. Both the chest and the head should be raised, for this reason it would be recommended to sleep in an articulated bed. And if this is not possible, we will do it with the help of a cushion, as if it were a wedge, thus raising our torso above the level of the mattress.

Sleep laterally

As its name indicates sideways. It will also help us because it benefits the entry of air into our dear lungs. Our breathing will be with more difficulty when we sleep on our backs and face down. If we do not want to fall asleep on our backs, we can use a cushion or a small ball on the back inside the bed, to remind us in some way to put ourselves aside when bothering us, it is understood.

Natural treatments for apnea

But well, at this point, what natural treatments do we have for this phenomenon called sleep apnea? ... First say as always that alternative therapies are natural and as the name suggests alternatives. So the first thing I recommend is to visit a doctor, however combining both things will always be fine.

Next, as natural methods, we are going to name a few and with this, verify that they can provide us:

Yoga: Have we ever talked about this wonderful discipline. Without a doubt, Yoga will help us, among other benefits, to learn to breathe and relax, because if we exercise before bed, we will surely be of great help. To do this we will lie on our backs on the floor, open our legs and hands slightly apart from the body, breathe slowly and at the same time rhythmically for a few minutes and ensuring that the exhalations are more prolonged than the inspirations, focusing on everything moment in our necessary breathing and its rhythm.

Aromatherapy: We already know that Aromatherapy enjoys popularity and in this case it could not be less because it has even been shown that some essences and oils decrease our hypertension, also with relaxing effects, so relaxed we will sleep better.

Homeopathy: In this section we will say that Homeopathy usually relates this phenomenon to the lack of energy and that it is therefore focused on a treatment on an adequate diet, in which sugar intake is reduced and also avoiding foods that could be allergic. Also note that this diet is combined with homeopathic remedies.

Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy: Much has also been said about hypnosis. Well, in that case it will help us to combat some causes of sleep apnea, such as: alcoholismobesity smoking, etc ... (previously also named). In any case, keep in mind that with hypnosis you will get the patient to learn to relax before going to sleep.

Finishing also say that there are other natural remedies, such as medicinal plants or the so-called phytotherapy. Because for the causes mentioned we will also find a wide range of treatment possibilities. No doubt natural therapies bring us new as we can see many utilities.

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