Therapeutic aphorisms to unlock and reinforce

Therapeutic aphorisms to unlock and reinforce

therapeutic aphorisms

When in a therapeutic process with famous aphorisms and phrases We have revealed in a first instance the cause and operation of the problem, we can move on to the next phase, the reinforcement and support phase, in order to guide you to make the necessary changes we propose the following aphorisms to unlock your problem.

Aphorisms of support and reinforcement

We can be proud of what we have done, but we should be much more than what we have not done. That pride is about to invent. E. M. Cioran.

Life is a mystery to be revealed, not a problem to be solved.

When everything falls on us, we learn to use all our personal resources and to rebuild a castle with the rubble of the previous one.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. F. Ford Coppola.

Our sense of the wonderful increases exponentially; The greater the knowledge and the deeper the mystery, the more we try to know and the more enigmas we end up creating. E. O. Wilson.

All great events take place in our mind. O. Wilde.

The darkness around us cannot dissipate. Also the limits of intelligence gradually illuminate that stretch of path that allows us to move forward. Thus, the car breaks the night continuously rushing into the brief ray of light that he projects. U. Bernasconi.

Living means being continually exposed to possible changes.

First comes the seduction of the gaze, the allusions that create intriguing sensations; Then comes the contact: if the skin arouses desire, emotions are unleashed. Then you know that you have found an elective affinity.

The true truths are those that can be invented. K. Kraus.

Any explanation is a hypothesis, but no hypothetical explanation can reassure us about love. L. Wittgenstein.

There is no defect of yours that I do not like.

You will be my current in a sea in which happiness is a chill.

I write what I feel because this way I decrease the fever of feeling.

The first step of wisdom is to blame everything; The last reconcile with everything. G. Lichtenberg.

The best way to externalize is to go through the middle. R. Frost

The possession of the truth, far from being an end in itself, is only a preliminary means towards another vital satisfaction. W. James

The more I read pessimists, the more I love life. E. M. Cioran.

Theories then become instruments and not answers to the riddles with which to end the investigation. W. James

Nothing in excess, just enough.

If men are taught how they should think and not always what they should think, the equivocation is also prevented. It is a kind of initiation to the mysteries of humanity. G. Lichtenberg.

There is in stupidity a gravity that, better oriented, could multiply the number of masterpieces. E. M. Cioran.

We must not violate nature, but persuade it. Epicurus

The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live, the only one in reality. E. M. Cioran.

An obsession lived to satiety is annulled in its own excesses. E. M. Cioran.

Ideas transform into us, triumph over the resistance that we initially oppose and feed on rich intellectual reserves already prepared, which we did not know were intended for that purpose. M. Proust.

The illogical is a necessary step towards the logical. H. Vaihinger

If you grant it, you can give it up; if you do not grant it, it will be inalienable.

If you avoid pleasure, you will feel overwhelmed by it. It's about establishing a balance game: grant it to you but in a controlled way.

The best way to get rid of temptation is to fall into it. O. Wilde.

Ideally, the effect will go unnoticed and the change will occur as a natural inclination of events. F. Jullien

There is no night, however long it may be, that you cannot find the day. W. Shakespeare.

The easy must be undertaken as difficult, and the difficult as easy. B. Gracian.

One thing leads to another, which in turn leads to another ... if you concentrate on doing the smallest, then the next and so on, you will find yourself doing great things having done only small things. J. H. Weakland.

Any long trip of five hundred kilometers begins with a small step. Lao Tse.

Dress me slowly, I'm in a hurry. Napoleon Bonaparte.

The soft conquers the hard, the weak defeats the strong. The malleable is always superior to the immovable. According to this principle, control of things is obtained by collaborating with them, and supremacy is achieved through adaptation. Lao Tse.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystery. It is the source of all true art and science. A. Einstein

Accusing others of their own misfortunes is proof of human ignorance; accusing oneself means starting to learn; Not to accuse others or oneself is authentic wisdom. Epicurus

As bold as it is to explore the unknown, it is even more investigating the known.

The most difficult value, which is especially necessary for the weak, is the value of suffering. E. M. Cioran.

If I don't know how to give, I don't know how to receive, just as if I don't know how to receive, I won't be able to give.

The lack of hope in life is not a fact, it is only a point of view.

Borrow what you lack yourself. Cato

Be what you wish the world was. M. Gandhi

We are only defeated when we give up.

I know everything in everything. Put how much you are in the least you do. F. Pessoa.

If I want to change the world around me, I must start by changing myself. M. Gandhi

If you change your disposition towards things, you will end up changing things.

If you want the best, you must be the best.

The balance does not consist in stopping at one point, but in continuous oscillation. If you stop while walking the tightrope, you will fall. Instead, you must be more and more balancing.

We must not be a perfectionist but perfectible. We must try to continuously improve and think that there is always one more step to go up and to commit to.

But he never fell into the error of blocking his intellectual development with the formal acceptance of a belief or a system, nor did he ever take a proper inn just to spend a night or a few hours of a night without stars and without a moon ... No theory of life seemed important compared to life itself. O. Wilde.

The fear of not being up to it is a weapon that allows me to climb one more step. Old Japanese Koan

Sometimes, to remove you have to add: the best way to reduce one thing is to add another.

Everything is learned, but not to display it but to use it. G. Lichtenberg.

Once we accept our weaknesses, they stop harming us.

Fragility confessed ceases to be and becomes a strong point.

The humble people are not weaker, but the strongest of all, because they do not hide but are exposed.

You will not learn anything if you are not willing to accept yourself with all your limitations. B. Lee.

The skeptic thinks he has to earn it all, so he doesn't get depressed if he doesn't get it.

The days do not acquire flavor until one escapes the obligation of having a destiny. E. M. Cioran.

If we discover and improve our strengths, they will eventually overcome our weaknesses. B. Lee.

Every human being is a narrator of his own history and, although he can choose to be an original writer or a plagiarist, he cannot avoid choosing. He is doomed to be free. J. Ortega y Gasset.

Look at fear from the front and it will stop disturbing you. Sri Yukteswar

Fear made him bold. Ovid

When you can't go back, you just have to find the best way forward. P. Coelho.

Fear is overcome in the first person or not overcome: no one can face for us the fear we experience.

In nature there is fear, not courage, which is nothing but defeated fear.

What would happen to our tragedies if an insect presented us with its own. E. M. Cioran

Only those who have been afraid can be brave; The rest is unconsciousness.

The most important lesson a man can learn is not that fear exists in the world, but that it is up to us to take advantage of it and that we have been granted to transform it into value. R. Tagore.

If we push our limits daily we will, with small steps, overcome the fears that prevent us from owning our existence. A. D'arrigo.

Selecting time does not mean saving time. F. Bacon

So that a passion does not harm us, let's act as if we only have eight days left to live. B. Easter.

Don't wait for the right moment: believe it. G. B. Shaw.

If you don't expect anything, you'll never find what you never expected to find. Heraclitus

We have to use the future as an engine that pushes us forward and not as a wall against which we are going to crash.

The real voyage of discovery is not to look for new landscapes, but to look with new eyes. M. Proust.

Make every moment of life the best possible regardless of the hand of destiny that sends it to us: that is the art of living. G. Lichtenberg.

Self-esteem is built, it is not inherited.

Act so that you always manage to increase the number of options. H. von Foerster.

If you want to see, learn to act. H. von Foerster.

Often we can only discern the important facts after having suppressed the question “why”; then, in the course of our inquiries, the facts themselves give us the answer. A. C. Doyle.

If you want to know how something works, try to change its operation. K. Lewin

To forgive is to release a prisoner and discover that the prisoner was you.

Intelligence does not consist in not making mistakes, but in discovering how to take advantage of them. B. Brecht.

There are people who live the present life but they prepare themselves with great zeal as if they had to live another life and not the one they are living, and in the meantime time is consumed and runs away. Antiphon