The fear of death and the meaning of life

The fear of death and the meaning of life

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When we come to think or hear the word death, or just imagining death or death of a loved one makes us feel overwhelm, sadness, anguish, fear, some anxiety; The heartbeat speeds up.

Life and death

The human being faces, throughout his life, a series of existential questions. We know that we exist, but we don't know what the meaning is or when we will cease to exist or at least exist as we exist today. The fear of death is natural.

It is normal to be afraid of dying, especially if a dangerous situation occurs, such as an accident or illness.

Therefore, "who has a reason to live, will almost always find the how," Frankl used to say. But for the scope of that sense one must be able to transcend the narrow limits of self-centered existence, and believe that one can make an important contribution to life; if not now, in the future, he maintained. This feeling is necessary if a person wants to be satisfied with himself and with what he is doing.

This article is aimed at all people, not just people who have already been through grieving process, but to all people, to reflect on our life and death that at some point we will all have. I know that it does not sound nice, nor pleasant to talk about this, but I think that at some point in our life it is necessary to stop and reflect on how we see, interpret or feel this theme: Death, for what?

To refocus our life in the present, to evaluate what we are doing and thinking about the present and that when that time comes from this life we ​​and our loved ones, we are as calm, does not deny that it will be painful, in fact the loss itself is painful, however, what we do in life for ourselves and for others is important, so the farewell will be more comforting and less hard, for having contributed good things and moments, including good words, support, good treatment, healthy living, love, pleasant experiences.

Facing death as something natural

Death is the end of life because of the organic impossibility of sustaining the homeostatic process. It is the end of the living organism that had been created from a birth.

However, to reduce the anxiety and stress that causes us to think that death is or can be something terrible, catastrophic, we will see or interpret the term with a different and healthier philosophy, is how to make a restructuring in our thinking, for example:

Dying can mean ...

Someday my loved ones and I will abandon this earthly plane, it will be sad, painful, however, (according to your beliefs) we will evolve into another plane of life.

When I think of death I feel overwhelmed by the unknown, yet still not knowing what happens after death, imagine that the place I go to may also be beautiful and with new opportunities to be happy.

At some point my life will have an end here, however, I can take advantage of my present, which I am still alive, to do the things I like.

I will sow things, good moments in my present, in my now, when the time comes to leave this life, I will be calmer and more peaceful because of what I sowed and reaped.

Create your own work

Imagine you are the one protagonist of your life and really, that's how it is!

You are in time to imagine how you would like your life to be, projects, goals and more; Start by planning it, visualizing it and taking it into action.

Become fully responsible for your life

This means that the only person who can modify what has not worked for you or made you feel happy is yourself, an example would be to make yourself aware and responsible for the thoughts you can sow to yourself, productive, healthy, loving thoughts towards you. and towards others, also make you responsible and carry them out so that your life has that important and valuable sense.

Choose the attitude we take towards suffering

Suffering is inevitable, it is how it sounds: inescapable. We have to address it with a strong attitude, this can significantly improve the meaning of our lives.

Ask yourself a reflection question

What can I do and want to do for myself in this life, that makes me feel full, happy and what can I do for others?

Everything can be taken from a man except one thing, the last of human freedoms, to choose his attitude to any circumstance, to choose his own path" Viktor Emil Frankl


In life brother, in life !!

If you want to make happy
to someone you love very much ...
tell him today, be very good
in life, brother, in life ...

Don't wait for them to die
if you want to give a flower
send them with love today
in life, brother, in life ...

If you want to say "I love you"
to the people of your house
to the friend near or far
in life, brother, in life ...

Don't wait for him to die
people to love her
and make you feel your affection
in life, brother, in life ...

You will be very successful
If you learn to make happy,
to all you know
in life, brother, in life ...

Never visit pantheons,
Do not fill flower graves,
full of love hearts,
in life, brother, in life ...

Poem by: Ana María Rabatté