40 welcome phrases, wonderful

40 welcome phrases, wonderful

Welcoming is one of the keys to being well on a daily basis. We can welcome people, but also new experiences and situations that make us grow and evolve as people. We give you some of the best welcome phrases. Let's see them!

The best welcome phrases

Waking up every day to live life is a gift you should appreciate. Welcome each of your days.

In life there are moments that are special by themselves, but it is always better if you can share it with the people you love. That's why I thank you for being here today. Welcome!

Don't wait for the storm to stop, life is learning to dance in the rain. Welcome life and say goodbye to fear.

News must always be welcome.

Life is the greatest of gifts. Welcome him!

The only universal way to welcome is a smile.

He welcomes each day with the same joy that the rooster does when he sings.

You can express your good wishes with many words, but one of the most important is welcome!

Warmly welcome each of your days and keep the soul open.

Welcome the facts and unwanted people, take care of those who need you, learn to appreciate your enemies and always work with the best intention.

From the sadness of your absence to the joy of your arrival. Welcome!

Difficult problems to solve are welcome, since they are an opportunity to evolve and learn something you did not know.

We are happy to have you with us again, so we want to give you our most sincere welcome.

Goodbye is intrinsically welcome, because it means leaving the past behind to receive something new.

Effort, tears and fatigue because of work, but, welcome!

I don't know how long you will be here, but whatever it is, I want you to know that I am happy to be able to share that time with you. Welcome!

The past is already behind and the future remains to be seen. There is a gift that should always be welcome, and it is the present.

A new day has to be received with your best smile. Be grateful and welcome.

I wish you the best of luck in your new professional career. Welcome it, because changes must always be welcomed with joy.

Welcome the future, it will soon be past.

A new friend is always welcome, as it is a new heartbeat.

Sometimes advice is not welcome, because those who really need it are those who least want it.

The power of welcome is such that it is the only thing capable of causing a soldier to collapse on his return from combat.

That a person welcomes you in his house is the greatest of gifts, because he is receiving you in the most intimate space of himself and giving you a place in him.

Wherever you go, you will always be welcome on your return. We will wait for you!

Although you have not been there for a long time, there is no day when I do not think of you. Come back whenever you want, you will always be welcome.

People who are sincere are always welcome, wherever they go.

An old friend will always be welcome again.

Welcome your dreams, because thanks to them great things will happen.

If you smile and welcome the novelty, good things will soon arrive.

I can tell you in many languages: Willkommen, Welcome, Benvenuti ... welcome!

It doesn't matter how much time we have left to live together. I welcome each of our common moments.

There is no better gift that can give you life than a baby, it is a new life that adds to yours. Welcome!

Be able to do something whose consequences are forever. Welcome to this new day!

A birth is a joy for life. Welcome, little one.

Welcome to this place, to which you belong and where we receive you with open arms.

There is a very special gift of life for you: a new day. Welcome him!

We welcome you to our humble home. You just have to relax and be happy.

Small moments make life bigger. Welcome them!

There is no word more beautiful than this: welcome.

As you could see, welcome phrases They are the best way to receive a person or any new situation. So be grateful for what you have and welcome both good and bad, because you can always learn from it.