5 ways to be smarter scientifically proven

5 ways to be smarter scientifically proven

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There are currently many ways to measure intelligence: with all kinds of tests, interviews, training tests, etc. Although there is still no standard that defines what intelligence really is. What is not discussed is the fact that the brain is solely and primarily responsible for having or not having intelligence.

How can we be smarter?

The meditation

The relaxation has a lot of benefits to increase intelligence: magnetic resonances have proven that regular meditation can cause changes in the brain, improve memory, attention span and may increase certain parts of the cerebral cortex.

Exercise the brain, train it

The brain also needs regular exercise to function properly and maintain vitality. The puzzles, sudoku and games based on words or numbers are ideal to keep the brain always in shape. Also mathematical and geometric exercises, read or even brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Having fun is a way of being smarter, it seems.


The brain does not shut down to repair itself while we sleep, but it is true that it has a time when it is in charge of "tidying up" the things that have happened during the day. Lack of sleep It can lead to brain problems, so a good night's sleep can increase brain functions and the ability to concentrate. The ideal is between 6 and 8 hours of sleep.

Take care of your body

The human body is connected to each other, so if you take care of one part you will get benefits in the rest. Physical exercise is good for health, even mental health, since better blood circulation allows more oxygen and glucose to reach the brain. Food is also essential: there are many foods related to brain health such as fish, eggs, proteins and green vegetables, as well as herbal teas and nuts.

Ingest bacteria

Yes, as you hear it: eating bacteria can make you smarter. Why? Some types of bacteria can reduce anxiety and increase learning capacity when ingested or inhaled. These bacteria can increase neuronal growth and levels of serotonin. They also say that having more sex makes us more smart, and I'm sure it's one of the options that you like the most right now. Who knows? I guess it is true. What other ways do you think there is to increase intelligence?