Aphorisms to reduce and eliminate thoughts and behaviors

Aphorisms to reduce and eliminate thoughts and behaviors

Sometimes in psychotherapy it is necessary to break with a kind of distorted thinking or inappropriate behavior that produces suffering and pain. For this reason there are also famous phrases and aphorisms of aversion or rejection to break the vicious circle that is created when the person maintains his problem through behaviors he performs to try to solve them without success. These are "corrective" aphorisms that help change and unlock dysfunctional modalities.

Aphorisms to eliminate and reduce

Nothing deceives us more than our judgment. Leonardo da Vinci.

Remember that men themselves are the architects of their own misfortunes. Pythagoras.

Looking continuously inside you cannot go outside.

Each of us builds the reality that he later suffers. A. Salvini.

The more you try to put order, the more you see the disorder. The more you look for pleasure, the more it escapes you. The more you strive to have courage, the more you get scared. The calmer you want to be, the more nervous you get. The will, almost always, crushes the sensations.

As long as you remain in the past, you will place the past in the present and prevent the possibility of creating the future.

There are no smart answers to stupid questions.

The limit of any pain is an even greater pain. E. M. Cioran.

The desire to be capable of something often prevents it from being. F. de la Rochefoucauld.

With the best intentions, most times, the worst results are obtained. O. Wilde.

We are victims and architects of our own disasters. G. Nardone.

While we pursue the unattainable, we make the feasible impossible. R. Ardrey.

One of the most erroneous beliefs of modern man is that once he has understood a thing, he will be able to master it or change it automatically.

The search for causal explanations has little to do with the implementation of the solutions.

The habit of discerning overrides the habit of discerning. Chinese wisdom

Doubt is the engine of knowledge, it is also the springboard of obsession.

When a man does something completely stupid, he always does it for the most noble of reasons. O. Wilde.

An accepted belief becomes true. The orthodoxy of reason stuns more than any religion. G. Lichtenberg.

The creator who wishes to become transparent to himself stops creating: to know oneself is to stifle his own gifts and the devil himself. E. M. Cioran.

Accepted belief becomes true.

Custom weakens us, submitting us gently.

There is no crazier in the world than who thinks he is right. L. Pirandello.

When I try to change what is in me of unpleasant fighting against it, all I can do is hide it. If I accept it, it will surface and evaporate. If I try to resist it, I will continue to stubbornly survive. Anthony de Mello

If you marry, you will regret it; If you don't get married, you'll regret it too. Marry or not marry, you will regret the same. If you laugh at the follies of the world, you will feel it; if you cry them, you will also feel it; Whether you laugh at the madness of the world or if you cry for them, you will also feel it. If you believe a girl, you'll regret it; if you don't believe it, you will also regret it; Whether you believe in a woman or not, you will regret it. If you hang yourself, it will weigh you; If you don't hang yourself, it will weigh you too Whether you hang yourself or hang yourself, it will weigh you equally ... S. Kierkegaard.

Nothing goes for everything and forever, just as nothing is good for everything and forever.

The truth cannot be taught ... the paradox of paradoxes is that the opposite of truth is equally authentic. H. Hesse

Rejected people have childish behavior, according to the age of rejection. B. Stamateas.

Human understanding, by its very nature, is prone to conceive of existence with more order and regularity than the world finds. F. Bacon

Men will pursue what they fear most. That is, they will be miserable so as not to fall into misery. Leonardo da Vinci.

In this world of images created by ourselves, we have invented ourselves as a unit, as that which remains constantly in change. F. Nietzsche.

Everything that is absolute is part of the pathology. F. Nietzsche.

During decision making, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the second best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is stay with your arms crossed. T. Roosevelt

Rigor alone is death by suffocation, creativity alone is pure madness. G. Bateson.

Circumstances have less power to make us happy or unhappy than we think, but the anticipation of future circumstances has immense power in fantasy.

We don't do anything right until we stop thinking about how to do it. W. Hazlitt.

Finding guilty parties, if found, prevents finding solutions.

Wanting to erase the mistakes made in the past, involves repeating them in the present.

For people who do not appreciate themselves, success is worth zero and failure is double.

Do not count the things you do. Do the things that count. Zig Ziglar

Pride can make you feel strong, but it will never make you feel happy.

The defects of men cannot be avoided without at the same time renouncing their virtues. E. M. Cioran.

Where you run away, man, always take yourself behind. Seneca

The excess of information is equivalent to the cancellation of knowledge.

We have no choice but to contemplate the splendor of our disasters.

Resignation is a daily suicide. H. de Balzac.

Very brief and very distressed is the life of those who forget the past, do not deal with the present and fear the future: when they reach the end, they understand too late that they have been busy for a long time without doing anything. Seneca

I've always been like tears in the rain.

We do not face adversities because they are difficult, but they are difficult because we do not face them. Seneca

I am tired of what I never had and never will, tired of the gods that are still nonexistent. My body is sore from the effort I did not even imagine. F. Pessoa.

Our resentment comes from the fact of having been inferior to our possibilities and not being able to reach ourselves. And we will never forgive others. E. M. Cioran.

The more depressed you are, the more things get immobilized, waiting to become ice. E. M. Cioran.

Any avoidance confirms how threatening is what has been avoided.

Unhappiness is the absence of desires.

Our limits are what we impose on ourselves.

The anxious builds his fears, then settles in them. E. M. Cioran.

Life is not short, but we make it short by wasting our time in meaningless activities, without realizing that while we wait to live, life goes by. Seneca

If we worry too much about what can happen next, we are manifesting it.

I carry in me all the scars of all the battles that I avoided fighting. F. Pessoa.

Fear is death at any moment. E. M. Cioran.

The eyes cannot look while they look.

Thus, the fear of a specific evil leads us to a worse evil. Epicurus

Not content with real sufferings, the anxious imposes the imaginary. E. M. Cioran.

Your mind is the greatest screenwriter of soap operas in history: incredible stories are invented, usually based on dramas and situations that have never happened and will probably never happen.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. F. Nietzsche.

There are so many things we lose for fear of losing them. P. Coelho.

If you tie two hawks together, you'll have four wings, but they won't know how to fly.

The aversion increases with all the efforts made to suppress it.

You have to distrust the suffering people, because they will take revenge on their suffering with those who love them.

The disadvantages of any era exist only for cowards. J. W. Goethe.

We don't like a good thing when we're not up to it. F. Nietzsche.

There is no worse selfish than the one who suffers. He must first of all alleviate his suffering and to that end, with right, is willing to assault anyone.

In the pessimist coincide an ineffective goodness and an unsatisfied evil. E. M. Cioran.

Not even the greatest force is comparable to the energy some have to defend their own weakness. Voltaire

For many people, playing the game of not seeing that they play a game is the best thing they do; That's what they call their own blindness Honesty. R. Laing

Only frivolous people do not judge things by their appearance. O. Wilde.

No one can escape love and death. P. Sirius.

Desire is fatally bound to increase when you are frustrated.

When one wishes not to forget someone, to think about that person continuously, to stick to him forever, it is necessary to strive not to love him but to hate him. E. M. Cioran.

In the pleasure of the senses, disgust limits enjoyment. F. Bacon

To think that I won't think about you anymore means to keep thinking about you. Let me try, then, to think about not thinking that I will not think about you anymore. Chinese maximum.

No pleasure by itself is an evil. But the things that produce certain pleasures carry many more disturbances than pleasures. Epicurus

If you can't live without a person, you can't live with her either.

In the couple there are no guilty or innocent, but complementary relationships.

A break may be necessary to meet again. Often a relationship is the smartest thing that can be done to save it.

A little sincerity is dangerous, but a lot is absolutely fatal. O. Wilde.

In love there is not a winner and a loser, because either they win or lose both.

If we allow someone to make us do something, we are always responsible.

Who defends himself grateful for not being grateful, ends up becoming the true aggressor.

Recrimination or reproach transforms its object, that is, the faults of others, into legitimate rights.

Who does not know how to be alone, does not know how to be with anyone.

If a person does not feel the desire or courage to take risks for you, it is not worth the risk of being with them.

Trying to forget it is the best way to remember it.

Be wary of those who turn their backs on love, ambition, society. They will take revenge for having renounced it. E. M. Cioran.

The true mystery of the world is not the invisible, but the visible. O. Wilde.

A bad conscience drinks most of its poison itself. Attalo

Crazy is he who tries to expel his own shadow and gets lost in it. W. Shakespeare.

Love has never healed anyone; On the contrary, it has made many sick.

What most deteriorates sentimental relationships is to transform them into a bank of mutual help.

Before censoring, one should always verify whether it was possible to offer justification. G. Lichtenberg.

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