The bad play of depression

The bad play of depression

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Being depressed is much more than feeling sad, decayed and wanting to cry. Many times we say that we are depressed because a stressful event or a delicate situation has occurred in our lives. We must know that after a normal period of adaptive sadness, in the end we manage to overcome it and continue our life normally. The bad move of the depression is that the situation of the hands leaves usand we end up immersed in a state of intense sadness.

If we are not able, we do not know how to do it or we do not have the resources to overcome a certain situation, whatever the relevance, we can fall into the grip of depression. Thus It is important to take action as soon as we notice that the situation is beyond our control. In this way, we can get help before negative emotions become stronger.

You have created your depression, nobody gave it to you. Therefore destroy your depression”. 

-Albert Ellis-


  • 1 The bad move of depression
  • 2 How do we get depressed?
  • 3 The bad move of depression: the vicious circle
  • 4 The importance of realizing the error
  • 5 Cognitive restructuring

The bad play of depression

Depression is characterized by a very low mood and a marked loss of interest in those things that we liked or were pleasant before. The capacity for enjoyment is lost and there is no desire to do anything, reaching the behavioral inhibition.

On a physiological level, we can feel very tired, with insomnia or hypersomnia and without any sexual desire. But why don't we all get depressed? Why, despite the fact that two situations are equally stressful, don't we all react in the same way? It is clear that our mind plays an important role in these differences. In order for a person to become depressed he has to mediate our subjective interpretation of vital situations..

Let's face it, there are very hard situations in life and that anyone would be affected in an important way. But even so, it is our thoughts and beliefs that will ultimately determine that we are depressed or that we will float. This is good news. It is possible that the situation is irresoluble and unmodifiable, but this does not happen with my thoughts, so in this sense, we can say that we have room for action and enough control.

How do we get depressed?

A few years ago, depression was thought to be a physical illness in which the shortcomings of a series of neurotransmitters in our brain they determined our mood. It is true that chemical substances such as serotonin have influence, but it is not the only factor involved, therefore, in many cases drug therapy ends up failing.

For a person to become depressed it is necessary that in their environment there are vital changes perceived as very unpleasant. There is talk of the loss of reinforcers, that is, the person loses something they perceived as very valuable and appreciated, such as a couple, a job, a change of city or self-esteem. When the person does not face the situation, he will begin to feel overwhelmed, sad and harbor negative thoughts about himself, the world and the future.

The bad play of depression: the vicious circle

Logically, if you feel this bad, you will want to go out and interact with people. Nor will you feel like doing things to enjoy or clear and you will choose to stay locked up doing nothing. It is here that the bad play of depression cheats us and locks us in its spiral, where it is very difficult to leave if we are not aware of the importance of our thoughts, emotions and actions.

The vicious circle could be summarized as follows: the person has thoughts about himself: "I am useless"; of the world: "People are bad and you can't trust anyone"; and of the future: “I will never find a decent job or perform as a person”. These thoughts cause us to feel very unhappy, hopeless and sad, which leads us to lose interest in almost anything.

By not doing any activity, not going out, not looking for work, not knowing or interacting with anyone, I am confirming my negative thoughts: "I am useless." Further, this attitude means more loss of reinforcers that adds to the initial loss. For example, a person who loses his partner loses one of his main reinforcers. And not only does he lose his partner, but he loses going to dinner with her, kissing her, hugging her, etc., which, in turn, are also reinforcing.

The importance of realizing the error

The sadness is so great that the last thing this person wants is to do nice things, go out, meet new people, spend time ... Here is the mistake, because in addition to losing your partner, you lose the possibility of meeting other people, to have fun doing new things, to find a job ... which means more and more loss. This vicious circle must be cut by one of its points to get out of the depressive state.

The best way to cut it begins to activate by doing things that do not involve much effort and that are pleasant. And this is where the: "I don't feel like it," "I can't.". You may not feel like it, but to do things you don't need to feel like it, if you don't force yourself to have them. The motivation does not have to precede the action, but after the action, the motivation will come alone and the desire will appear more and more strongly.

Cognitive restructuring

Depressed people see the world as black, interpreting reality dysfunctionally. Cognitive restructuring will be the chosen technique that will allow the person with depression to learn to identify their negative automatic thoughts, to evaluate their usefulness and truthfulness and to exchange them for more realistic and adaptive ones. This technique is carried out through questions that one asks oneself with the objective of questioning if what I think is realistic or is mediated by my subjective interpretations.

The solution is in our hands. Do not consent that your happiness depends on the outside, from any situation, however horrible, you have the ability to get ahead if you want to. Even if you think you already hit bottom and that you can't, you can. Get down to work and prove to yourself that life is waiting for you with open arms. Try that the bad play of depression does not catch you and put a solution as soon as possible.