Basic principles to improve depression

Basic principles to improve depression

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What can we do to improve depression? Without a doubt, if we believe that we suffer from depression or have been discouraged for a while, it is best to go to a professional. Even so, we can also implement some strategies to improve our mood. Throughout this article, activities that will help us feel better will be presented. Anyway, it is important not to forget that if our discomfort if it lasts more than two weeks in time or is very intense, the ideal is to go to a psychologist.


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Tips to improve depression

Increase in physical and social activity

Participate in activities that make you feel better. For example, going to the movies, going to the theater, going for a walk in a park, taking a bike for a walk, making a surprise visit to a friend or relative, or anything else that entertains or entertains you. Do not be overwhelmed, the improvement in your mood will be gradual. Watching television and performing household chores are not included in these types of activities.


When you are depressed it is normal to be more passive, falling into a vicious circle of low self-esteem and inactivity, poor self image, feeling of indifference and rejection. Breaking that circle costs an effort. Set priorities and do as much as possible. The important thing is to start and take advantage of other people's support. To improve depression, going for a walk in company is a good start. Start now, don't delay it anymore. Increasing physical activity of any kind will bring psychological benefits.

New interests and activities

Find a hobby that makes you feel fulfilled, something you are passionate about. Some hobbies are: collections, DIY, crafts, decoration, and of course sports, dancing ...

Avoid talking only about depression

One thing is to let off steam and another that becomes a recurring theme, it is better to be distracted from sadness. Talk about other more positive topics: funny anecdotes, weather, sports or news.

Social circle

Support your close friends, people you can trust, who can listen and be fun. People like that represent a protective factor against depression, and against the distorted thinking that accompanies it.

Use music therapy

Listen to positive, fun songs that help you get ahead and give you strength. Dance, shout, jump, cast out your sadness.

I sunbathed

In addition to providing vitamin D with the sun, it is a great ally that will help you fight depression, sunlight affects certain brain activities that have to do with people's mood. The explanation is that UV rays increase the production of a neurotransmitter, called serotonin, which is related to the feeling of well-being, sleep regulation, body temperature and sexual behavior.

"Caer is allowed, getting up is mandatory”.

-Russian proverb-

Film reference

As Rocky says to his son in the last movie giving him advice about life:

“… And you were growing more and more wonderful. It was fantastic to be able to observe you, a privilege. And when it was time to become a man and face the world, you did it. But at some point along the way you changed. You stopped being you. You allowed them to point you out and tell you not to serve. And when it got worse you looked for who to blame, in an elongated shadow.

I'm going to tell you something that you already know, the world is not all joy and color. It is a terrible place and no matter how hard you are, it is able to kneel and hit you permanently if you do not stop it. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone hits harder than life. But it doesn't matter how hard you hit but how strong they can hit you. And you hold it as you go. Let's handle it without stop going foward. This is how you earn. If you know what you're worth, go and get what you deserve but you'll have to endure the blows. And you can't be saying you're not where you wanted to get because of him, her, or anyone else. That is what cowards do and you are not. You are capable of everything.

I will love you in any situation. Whatever happens. You are my son and you carry my blood. You are the best of my life. But until you begin to believe in yourself, you will not have your own life… ”

Final reflection

We all need a motivation to live, fight for what we want, find what we are passionate about. It is our responsibility to find the meaning of our life. Sometimes we have a job that makes us tired and we spend all our energy complaining. But out of fear, we don't look for another, we don't fight for happiness.

In times of crisis, things get even more complicated, there is more fear and therefore we are all more paralyzed and it is more difficult to find our way. Sometimes, life faces us with difficulties, sometimes it hits us so hard that we lie on the ground and feel unable to get up. We did not find the strength, nor the resources, we were down there.

Those who have suffered a depression They know what it is, they see how their life is deteriorating little by little and they ignore what to do to stop it. It's like sinking into the sea, every time you fall more and more and you don't know when you will hit bottom. But the bottom comes and when you touch it you take strength to climb towards the surface.

Be a warrior to improve depression

The depression is your enemy To face it you need to act like a warrior, with strength, courage and courage. But to win the battle it is important to know the enemy and find strategies that will help you defeat it. It is your battle, you will have to seek support, but nobody will walk your path, nor fight your war. That you have to do.

And when everything ends, because it will end, when you emerge victorious, you will be stronger, more sensitive. You'll get the best out of you, you'll have more resources to face the future. You will even be able to help others who pass where you passed, and won. In short, you will be glad to have been through this because you will realize that you are someone else, and you will even thank him for becoming someone better. And above all, because you will have found meaning in suffering.

Rosa María Miguel García
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