Taking paracetamol decreases empathy

Taking paracetamol decreases empathy

In the field of psychology there are many studies to know how certain habitual medications affect us in our lives. One of the most curious is a study conducted in Ohio that ensures that taking paracetamol decreases empathy. Why? Let's see it.

Paracetamol is the most consumed drug in the world

As we say, there are studies in the field of psychology that yield the most curious results. While we would never have imagined that a drug as seemingly harmless as paracetamol could influence this.

Thus, according to a study by the University of Ohio, this popular analgesic that is consumed to reduce physical pain such as a headache or discomfort, also has a more important psychological effect than one might think.

It is a reduced sensitivity to the pain of others. Or what is the same, paracetamol seems to be that it could reduce empathy, that is, the ability that people have to put ourselves in the skin of others.

As you know, or at least it is easy to deduce, paracetamol is the best selling generic medicine in the world. A series of possible side effects and contraindications are associated with it, as with any drug.

Thus, taking paracetamol increases therisk of heart attack, stroke or stomach bleeding.But this is something that no doctor or specialist had repaired so far, especially since it is not an issue that is easy to find out.

But from what is deduced from this study, it seems that yes, that paracetamol decreases the ability to put on the skin of others and feel their pain. Thus, andParacetamol is an analgesic that reduces pain, but also reduces empathy and the ability to put ourselves on the skin of others and feel their pain.

But where does this research about the effects of Paracetamol come from? This is a study carried out by Jennifer Crocker and Baldwin M. Way, of the Ohio State University, and Dominik Mischkowski, of the National Institute of Health of the United States.

This team has managed to prove that one gram of paracetamol is able to numb our ability to feel the pain of others. It is a side effect that, without a doubt, will give something to talk about, since empathy is the feeling that makes us human.

The method followed was as follows: the scientists administered paracetamol to a group of 40 students, while another group of the same number of people was given placebo. Shortly after, after an hour, they were asked to read eight stories in which someone suffered a painful experience.

Then they were asked to assess on a scale the magnitude of the pain that the characters in the stories felt. The results were that students whothey scored lower that level of suffering They were the ones who had taken paracetamol.

Is this information worrisome?

Before a discovery of this kind, it is normal for social alarms to arise. However, in principle this does not have to be worrying, since it would only affect when the medication is under the effect.

The reason for this is not known, because they fail to associate why paracetamol produces this negative effect on a psychological quality such as empathy. Actually, researchers think that what it does isreduce the intensity of emotional responses in a general way.

This makes a lot of sense, since when you take painkillers the emotional response is generally reduced, since it acts by relaxing in some way. That is why perhaps this association has been made with the affectation it has on the capacity for empathy.

Most often when you have a headache or joint pain, or fever, the doctor prescribes paracetamol. The person can also take it on their own and buy it on their own, as it is an over-the-counter and over-the-counter medication.

And so it will remain safe, because this medicine has not been demonstrated so far be dangerous to human health. Therefore, we should not be alarmed by these studies that, although they provide us with curious information, do not have to be worrying.

Of course, the medication, even the one that is taken without a prescription as is the case of paracetamol type analgesics, is convenient to consume under prescription or medical supervision. It should be known that no drug taken on our own should exceed the recommended amounts.

Anyway, as you can deduce from this article, there are many studies from which conclusions of the most interesting can be drawn. This Ohio is one of them and surely its results have not left you indifferent.