Positive Psychology Tips, why they don't always work

Positive Psychology Tips, why they don't always work

Positive Psychology has flooded us in recent years. Messages saying that everything will be fine, that we put a good face in bad weather ... However, on many occasions these messages are far from helping us, they can make our emotional state worse. Why? Let's see it.

How positive psychology can help us (and not)

Positive Psychology became fashionable just a few years ago. Everywhere, in social networks, in our environment ... we have been able to see the continuous messages prompting us to be happy and not to worry about anything.

In turn, it has also emerged the opposite current, with a more ironic and fun point that invites us to laugh at our misfortunes. Both one type of psychology and the other can be good, as long as we make proper use of these messages.

However, positive psychology cannot become a way of forgetting problems as far as we avoid solving them. In the event that we find ourselves wrong, it is very likely that it is because of something we have pending to resolve.

Hiding it and hiding it from our mind is not the solution at all. Rather the opposite can happen, and that is let's develop avoidant behavior. That is, we do not want to see these problems and we will mask them with smiles instead of sitting with ourselves to find a solution.

Therefore, phrases of the type "everything will be fine", "you can with everything" or "today is going to be a great day", can be of comfort at any given time. Of course, we don't have to forget about it and they can help us a lot in bad times of our life.

But beyond that we have to really see why we are like this, what makes us suffer. To achieve this, we will probably have to face hard, complicated realities that will make us suffer and that there will be no phrase that can comfort us.

However, it is important assume that pain is an emotion more and you have to face her without so much fear. This, like so many others, must be experienced to learn from it and as one of the phases of our life that sooner or later for one reason or another will eventually come.

In fact, the Positive psychology gives great importance to positive emotions to enhance well-being However, it must be understood that there does not have to be negative and positive emotions.

Whether these are good or bad depends on the moment, but also on the person and many factors. Sadness, for example, can become an emotion that helps us grow or warns us that we are heading for a path we don't want. Therefore, you have to pay attention and listen to them.

Sitting with our pain helps us move forward

Sitting down with our pain, seeing where the problem is, taking it on and, in case we need it, talking to a professional, can be a shock in our life that makes us overcome this and other future problems.

For this reason, it is important that, although we use positive psychology and maintain an attitude of hope, we are also aware that our work and effort is fundamental so that everything goes well and life goes as we want it to. In short, to be happy.

In fact, positive psychology has studied in recent decades some key issues, such as the development of positive emotions, emotional intelligence, the ability of people to flow in their activities or joy.

The keys according to Seligman, a studious psychologist of this branch of psychology, are three: the enjoyment of positive emotions like gratitude, forgiveness, hope or the ability to enjoy life.

It is also key to have a life committed to oneself and others. This is key in psychology in general, and also in positive psychology in particular, as this will cause us to face challenges and problems from self-confidence.

And finally, live a life with meaning, meaning and purposes. This implies having enthusiasm and projects that make us motivated and feel that we evolve, as it is something fundamental to our physical and mental well-being.

Techniques such as relaxation or breathing control, Meditation or mindfulness to focus attention on the present, enjoy physical activities and focus on our personal strengths can be of great help.

In summary, Positive Psychology It can be applied in some contexts and moment. However, there are times that it is better to assume that things go wrong to solve them and avoid hiding them after a false smile that will not solve anything, but rather will make them worse.