Female libido, truths and myths

Female libido, truths and myths

I already dedicated a while ago an article on this same Psychoactive website in which I explained what human libido consisted of, how it worked and how it could be improved. In this post we will focus on the characteristics of female libido.


  • 1 What differentiates female libido from male?
  • 2 Female libido and its myths
  • 3 How to favor female libido

What differentiates female libido from male?

A characteristic of female libido is that it is more fragile in the face of environmental changes and the different circumstances that affect the vital process.

At the level of hormones

The hormones influence throughout the menstrual cycle producing hormonal fluctuations that vary the intensity of female desire. It is known that the days before ovulation the body registers a maximum of estrogens, is when the libido is at its peak, provided that hormonal contraceptives are not used since they modify these fluctuations.

Related to the previous point, with the arrival of menopause the estrogen rate decreases since the ovaries will generate less testosterone although, as psychological factors also have a lot of weight, desire does not always decrease, since it is impossible to get pregnant many women begin to living their sexuality in a more relaxed way, many also know their body and can focus more on themselves, so many women feel an awakening of desire.

At the level of psychological factors

Inherited education and culture still pressures many women on their sexual desire much more than men which makes it difficult for them to dissociate sexual desire and feelings and that even many find it difficult to have sex with people they do not feel emotionally close to.

Female libido and its myths

In western society, myths have been created around women's libido, which are slowly being demolished although they are still latent in many people. Some of these myths would be:

  • Women have no sexual desire for themselves, they need a man to activate their desire. This is completely false, women can have the most satisfying sex by themselves
  • Fidelity and monogamy are easier for women. When it comes to temptations, the sex of the person is indifferent,
  • Women need to connect emotionally to enjoy sex. The truth is that this is not always the case, although there is usually more empathy, there are more and more women who do not need to have an emotional intimacy with the other person to enjoy sex.
  • Women have a hard time reaching orgasm more than men. This myth keeps many women away from their own pleasure, whether or not to enjoy sex has nothing to do with the person's sex but rather beliefs.

 What factors can decrease libido in women?

The factors or causes can be multiple and varied, we will list some of them.

An unhealthy lifestyle

It is important to take care of the body with good nutrition and physical exercise, if our body is well, the libido will also be in good condition.


Contraceptives unbalance the natural hormonal system of the body. This causes many women to notice less interest in sex if they take them.

Fatigue, tiredness or lack of sleep.

Tiredness can affect all areas of life and sexual life is not far behind. The lack of energy has a very negative influence on the desire to have sex. In this, women usually occur much more frequently than in men, since the level of self-demand is usually higher; the house, the children, the work ...

Loss of desire after motherhood

When giving birth it is normal for a decrease in libido since prolactin (the hormone produced during the period of breastfeeding) affects it negatively. To this we must add; the physical changes after pregnancy that can cause insecurities, lack of sleep and that the couple can distance themselves because caring for the baby becomes a priority.

The drugs

Medications can also affect an example would be antidepressants

Couple problems

Lack of communication, jealousy, any problem in the couple can be reflected in intimacy since the female libido is usually more sensitive to psychological factors than the male. The emotional situation affects relationships, if you are not comfortable, lower the interest in being with the other person. There is estrangement and there is no sexual appetite.

Chronic pain

There are pains and discomforts such as migraine or back pain that most affect female sex and can be critical for not having adequate libido.

Stress and changes in life

We can all stress certain circumstances and this can damage sexual desire, such as losing or changing jobs, having or not being able to have children, exciting events. All this generates a lack of sleep, deconcentration, which does not help boost desire.

Being overweight.

Despite not being a determining factor since many overweight women have a satisfying sex life, Excess weight influences especially when self-esteem is diminished as this negatives the concept they have of their body

How to favor female libido

It is completely normal that desire does not always arise spontaneously, but this can be caused consciously. It is important to break the routine and try new things, such as daring lingerie, a toy, another corner of the house outside the bedroom, watch a porn movie.

What it should not be is that the woman only has sex to please her partner, the other person has a lot to do with the fact that the woman has sexual desire or not. The caresses, the demonstration of the excitement itself, the words and whispers are very powerful aphrodisiacs.

And it is also essential that women know themselves sexually and how to stimulate their body to get maximum pleasure and feel good about herself. Only in that way will your desire be activated.