Bibliomania, what is it?

Bibliomania, what is it?

There are many disorders that we do not even imagine are cataloged as such and that can become quite complicated to manage. One of them is the bibliomania, which suffer people obsessed with collecting books. Let's go deeper into it.

What is bibliomania

Although it may seem strange at first, the obsession to collect books It can become a major problem. The reality is that any badly managed obsession can become a disorder, and this case is a clear example.

But what is bibliomania and why is it listed as a disorder? People who have bibliomania show a tendency to buy and to accumulate books compulsively.

It is a hobby that begins to get out of control and that, although it is not considered a mental disorder, people who suffer from it show many of the defining features of obsessive compulsive disorders.

Therefore, the term bibliomania refers above all to the tendency to the excessive accumulation of books, especially when this fact affects the quality of life of the person.

And we will ask ourselves, how can the accumulation of books cause damage in a person's life? This can affect in different ways: the affected person can have a serious problem of home space, lack of social life, hygiene problems, or even have debts to pay for this hobby.

As you can imagine, this problem is nothing more than the symptom of another problem What does this person have? That is, it is the way in which a series of disorders that the affected person has is expressed or shown.

In other words: bibliomania is associated with a type of mental disorder that can be of many types. For example, it might be someone with a very narcissistic personality who needs to show off their intellectual side.

There are also those who do it simply and simply for decorative purposes, or those who have social relations problems and immerse themselves and isolate themselves in this world surrounded by books. The important thing to know is that this becomes a problem when it negatively affects the individual in question.

How to recognize bibliomania

To recognize if a person has this disorder or if it is simply a healthy hobby, it is necessary to distinguish certain factors. Collecting books does not have to be a bad thing, nor accumulate them, but there is a limit in which this becomes a problem.

To know what that limit is it is important to observe the person and see above all what degree of dependence he has towards this hobby. You have to see the intensity with which you buy compulsively.

If we go to this person's house, we can also observe the space that is free to walk and move, the hygiene conditions, how it accumulates these books and if they affect their social life in a negative and insulating way.

Another important factor is the economic. If this person does not have enough purchasing power to maintain this hobby and, even so, decides to borrow to continue accumulating without a need, it is clear that he suffers from this disorder called bibliomania.

And although books are made to be physically attractive and are an object that everyone likes and likes to have, excessive collecting can have terrible consequences.

In a way, this fact is also related to excessive consumerism. It is normal that after the purchase of a product there are processes that are based on emotions, and in this situation this is what happens in many cases.

In the case of bibliomania, what pushes the buyer to acquire books in an uncontrolled way is also motivated by emotions. It is the impulse that leads to doing so, not a rational and measured collecting, thought and based on logical criteria.

What usually accompanies this problem, as in any disorder of this type, is a series of excuses by the affected. East try to find justification for such purchases and usually deny that you have a problem.

Even so, this does not have to be a serious problem and can be easily solved if the affected person does his part and recognizes that his tendency to accumulate books is not healthy. In the event that this responds to a more serious mental problem, it will be necessary to see a professional.

And is that any hobby that is not managed well can become an obsession and become a problem. For this reason, we must be careful with this and, before the signs that we have spoken to you, react and remedy the problem.