40 Hypocrisy phrases

40 Hypocrisy phrases

The phrases help us to inspire, understand and communicate. They are a very good way to express what we feel and what we think, whether it is positive or negative. On this occasion we make a compilation of hypocrisy phrases, I'm sure you'll get a lot of attention.

We hope that these phrases of hypocrisy that we offer below will be useful. At some point in life you will have to deal with false and hypocritical people who harm you. With some of these phrases you will know how to answer them in a more wise and intelligent way.

The best hypocrisy phrases

Hypocrites feed on gossip, destroy with their envy and die without friends.

You can laugh at me, talk about me, hate me ... But the reality is that what happens to you is that envy consumes you for seeing me happy.

A tip to throw a false person out of your life is as follows: do the opposite of what I expect from you. You will see how little it takes to leave.

That person whose mouth is full telling you that he loves you, he told me "I will be with you forever"

Do not judge what you have not lived or come to feel.

If you cannot live near me without treating me well, then you will have to find a way to stay away forever and leave me alone.

Happiness and pleasure were not invented to be enjoyed by hypocrites.

He who hurts you makes you stronger; who criticizes you, makes you more important; and he who envies you makes you more valuable.

Fake people are like simple mannequins.

The worst wolves and those we have to fear are those who wear human skin.

Never take anything for granted.

Outside beauty is not always linked to inner beauty, and you are the proof.

I'd rather be surrounded by imperfect people who don't hide it, to those who strive to be perfect by hiding a part of themselves.

You have to learn to know yourself and identify your own mistakes before condemning others for their own.

The mask of lies looks nonexistent attractive. Learn to detect them.

If you want to be true to yourself and live in coherence with your thoughts, you must be what you appear.

There are people whose falsehood reaches such magnitude that they do not become aware of what they think or whether it is true or not.

If you miss me, come find me; if you love me, show me; And if you're gone, you better not come back.

Take good care of the silent waters and dogs that do not bark.

Hypocrisy is so common and close to the truth that the prudent person should not be placed on slippery terrain.

Don't worry, I also know how to forget.

There are those who demand sincerity, but they get upset if you tell them the truth. I ask you directly, do you prefer to be offended with my sincerity or lie to you?

There are those who joke to tell the truth, while others speak seriously to lie to you.

I'm glad to meet you, I know I shouldn't trust those fake smiles, lying friends.

Many people do not listen to you while you speak, just wait patiently for their turn to speak.

Don't worry about those who hate you, worry about those who pretend they love you.

I will treat you without rancor, but don't forget that I have memory.

Judge me your way. You have your opinion, but the reality is mine.

The only person you should be loyal to is yourself.

You don't stop criticizing me, but you envy me and you end up imitating me.

The truth hurts, but the lie kills.

Do not worry about those who hate you, better worry about those who pretend they love you.

You can speak badly about me all you want, because in the end you are not the one who feeds me or keep me.

You fill your mouth talking and then have your head empty.

I accept your apology and I withdraw your trust.

Your enemies will publish your failures, but they will not echo your achievements.

I have no resentment for anyone, the only thing that happens to me is that people like you find me annoying.

The worst thing about closed minds is that they always have their mouths open. They cannot remain silent.

Do not trust any word, as there are people who know how to pretend very well.

I forgive you for hating me so much, but forgive me for caring so little about your life.