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The heaviest thing in the house

The heaviest thing in the house

My fiancee and I are going to get married so we bought a little house to move in. It is a very nice house with two floors of 100 square meters each and 5 meters in total height.

We are decorating it and for the moment we have bought some appliances and furniture that we keep inside the house: the fridge, a washing machine, the television, a table, four chairs, the sofa and the double bed.

What is the heaviest thing in the house?


Although it seems a lie, the heaviest thing in the house is the air inside. If we take into account that in standard conditions the air density is 1,225 kg / m3 and the house has an approximate volume of 100 m2 of base for a height of 5 meters, the air that contains the house weighs approximately: 1,225 kg / m3 * 100 m2 * 5 m = 600 Kg.