My partner does not want me: What can I do?

My partner does not want me: What can I do?

There are many people who do not feel desired by their couples. What to do in such a situation? The truth is that, depending on the situation, it can be very complicated to reawaken the desire. But still, we have some keys that can help you.

Let's see how to do it, but before you start, if you want to delve deeper into the subject, don't hesitate to visit The Way of Seduction.

Keys to recover the desire with your partner

Then, We mention the main keys to recover the passion in your relationship:

1. Be honest with your partner and explain your needs

The first thing you have to be clear about is that it will not help you to isolate yourself from your partner and live your sexual frustration in silence. That will only generate suffering and frustration, which will become visible in other areas of the relationship, not only in the sexual part.

Explain that you would like to be more intimate and how you would like to do it (or any other problem that you think you have sexually). Who knows, maybe your partner thinks the same and did not dare to express it.

Simply pay attention to their response, because that is what you are going to have to build the new relationship on the sexual level.

2. Find out the obstacles and how to overcome them

The reasons for not wanting to have sex can be varied, and not necessarily linked to you. So, It may not be that he does not want you, but that there is some other problem.

For example, there may be physiological problems or some type of frustration, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or vaginal dryness. These cases can be embarrassing, but treating them naturally is the best way to improve the sexual relationship between you.

It may also be that your partner is going through a situation of stress or fatigue that makes it difficult to have sex. In that case, we must find solutions to these previous problems.

In short, we must identify what are the obstacles to have a greater amount of sex. This can be solved in many ways depending on the cause, it is all a matter of speaking and planning, whether visiting the doctor or releasing the agenda a little.

3. Seduce your partner without criticizing or pressing

He thinks that a simple imbalance in libido can end up leading to a complete lack of interest in sex if the person with less desire is continually pressured to have sex.

Therefore, you don't have to try to force intercourse because you do. In fact, perhaps what is missing is a little open mindedness on your part and look for stimulation without necessarily thinking about what may come next.

For example, you can tell your partner that nothing happens if they don't want to have sex that night, but if they want you to try to excite them. Then, try to stimulate her in a way that your partner enjoys.

And remember, this does not necessarily mean that there will be sex later. Open your mind and assume that sex does not always have to imply penetration.

4. Don't always take the initiative

Sometimes the routine does not help. It may be that the fact of always being you who proposes sex and your partner who rejects it has become a norm. Breaking that circle can be very beneficial.

Ask her if she wants to take the initiative on some occasions, and, perhaps, that breaks that cycle of proposal and rejection. Of course, consider doing it within a few deadlines, so you can't use having the initiative as an excuse to never take it.

5. Do not want to go fast

A problem that couples who do not have their wishes correctly linked is that they try to solve it in a very radical way. And that rarely works. To readjust sexual interests, you have to go much slower and take small steps.

Many times (especially in women), when you want sex, what you really want is a loving and emotional connection. Therefore, do not try to go to the purely mechanical. Go slowly and make the relationship satisfactory on more planes than the merely sexual.

And remember the power of proper stimulation. You don't have to give up your sexual energy, you just have to redirect and control it so that your partner, who needs some more time to get warm, is willing to do what you want (and, remember, you must also satisfy his wishes).

After all, sex is precisely that. Generosity and ability to yield so that you both enjoy.

As you can see, If your partner does not want you, you can do some things to make this change. Of course, they do not guarantee your success, but it is very likely that you can wake up that flame again and enjoy the passion you had at the beginning of the relationship.