Disconnect on vacation, a must

Disconnect on vacation, a must

The time has come for us to leave work and not return for several days. We can have a trip planned, or stay at home, or any other plan with which we want to disconnect on vacation from work. The next day the rest days begin, however, We take the mobile and check the email in case there are new work. We also take a look at the conversation group we have created with coworkers.

This apparently innocuous fact leads many people to not know how to disconnect on vacation, with the consequence of suffering stress and anxiety. Some researchers have called this fact as "holiday stress" or "sunbed depression". Thus, it will be important to learn to disconnect on vacation to be able to charge the batteries and enjoy our day to day without work.


  • 1 What is hidden behind this phenomenon?
  • 2 Disconnect on vacation: what can we do?
  • 3 Disconnect on vacation if possible

What is hidden behind this phenomenon?

Cortisol and Adrenaline

Silvia Saumell, a professor at the Open University of Catalonia, says that cortisol and adrenaline levels are high while our work pace is frantic. Cortisol acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps us endure long working hours and adrenaline strengthens the immune system. Saumell points out that those who suffer most on vacation are the individuals "hyperexigent or considered essential". As Silvia states, holiday stress makes a dent in those people "For whom work is everything".

The change from being busy all day and activated to do nothing, is a mismatch that many do not know how to assume. Saumell says that "When they run out of work and professional habits, they destabilize". In this way, the importance attached to work depends on each person and is fundamental. Some want to take vacations to know nothing about their working life and others are incapable of a total disconnection.

Responsibility Level

The type of work also greatly influences. In this aspect someone whose responsibility is less than someone whose responsibility is important is not the same. For example, it is different to free if we are waiters of a bar, to which we free owning a company. Being waiters, another can take our place, but when we are the most responsible or have a great responsibility, Concern can overwhelm us in such a way that we feel irreplaceable.

Many bosses tend to keep an eye on the mail, make some control calls ... Those who occupy positions of responsibility feel that without their presence something can fail, so their concern is such that it prevents them from disconnecting on vacation. On the other hand, although the position does not require much involvement, there are also bosses that make it difficult to disconnect their employees. Calls, messages or emails, are protagonists of the holiday period, thus preventing the worker from disconnecting satisfactorily.

Disconnect on vacation: what can we do?

Attention to the present moment

"When I eat, eat; when I sleep, I sleep". What does this spirituality lesson really mean? Something as simple as attend to the present moment. If when I am eating I think of something else, I will not enjoy the food. On the other hand, if when we go to sleep, we have the mind in another place, it will cost us great work to fall asleep. That is why, a phrase that everyone who wants to disconnect on vacation should keep in mind.

Whether we are workers without a great burden of responsibility or if an important area depends on us, it is essential to know how to disconnect. Therefore, first of all, It is essential to know that disconnecting will bring us new energy. It can also increase our life satisfaction and eliminate high levels of anxiety and stress.

If we travel, we can also meet other cultures and enjoy other countries. So, what better way to do all this living the present intensely? If our head is at work, we will not enjoy it as much as if we live it with the focus on what we are doing. Therefore, starting to practice mindfulness before our holiday period can help us get more out of our rest.

Learn to delegate

Those who have a greater responsibility will also have to learn to delegate and trust others.. In this way, in his absence, it will be others who carry out his work. In the event that no other person is needed, then, you must learn that the business or the company can function properly for a while without your presence. Therefore, it is important to learn to delegate work to someone you trust.

Work stays at home or in the office

Whatever our work, it will be essential to leave it at home or in the office. If we work from home and we are not going to travel, then we can "hide" everything that has to do with our working life. Taking work on vacation, no doubt, will not help us disconnect at all. It should be remembered that the purpose of vacations is to take a break from our employment and enjoy other experiences. When we turn work into the central axis of our existence, we will be prisoners of its demands and will not leave us either in the sun or in the shade.

So, we must remember that as much as we like our work, we need time for ourselves. Taking a break from our daily work activity can make us happier and happier people. Every job and every individual is different, yet enriching our lives with different activities and with which we grow as people, will benefit us in a remarkable way.

The phone, the computer and the Internet

For those people who find it impossible to leave work aside, it will be convenient to check email only once a day. If you can go from seeing it several times a day to a single occasion, it will be a breakthrough. However, if we can disconnect 100%, much better. The internet connection of our phone or our computer can play tricks on us. How many have not wanted to read only the news and have ended up consulting labor and non-labor aspects?

There is a kind of vicious circle increasingly recognized by addiction experts, which is that when we consult an application on the mobile, we end up touring several of these. In this way, we not only read the news, but we also check email, chat, social networks, etc. This is why it is so important to know how to control our impulses and know how to disconnect. The new technologies allow us to be in permanent connection with everything, so it will be essential to know that nothing happens if for a few days we do not access our social networks.

Disconnect on vacation if possible

Although it seems a complicated task, disconnecting on vacation is possible. It is about will and apply the advice previously outlined in this article. Even so, it is not only beneficial to disconnect on vacation, but every time we leave work. It is healthy to learn to differentiate our working time from our free time. In this way, we will nurture activities that help us develop.