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Symbology of the runes: a psychological perspective

Symbology of the runes: a psychological perspective

The runes (rūn, from the old Norse, whose meaning is "secret") they are engraved symbols, usually in stone, that are part of the alphabet used by the Viking culture.

Runes They are not simple letters or strokes, they are sacred symbols through which contact is made with the divine dimension. Runes have a divine origin, it was Odin (Wotan, in German) who obtained them in a sacrifice. And, therefore, it is through that sacrifice that he gained his knowledge and wisdom.

They say that, after being injured by a spear, Odin hung from Yggdrasil, tree of life and knowledge. At that time the runes They were revealed.

I know I hung up
in a tree rocked by the wind
nine long nights
wounded by a spear
and consecrated to Odin,
I consecrated myself,
in that tree of which no one
Know the origin of its roots.

They didn't give me bread,
nor to drink from a horn,
I leaned over
with a cry of regret
the runes were made known to me,
Until I fell from the tree.

Although these symbols are related to occult methods, They have a close relationship with the symbolic, anthropological and psychological field.


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The runes and their hidden psychological power

According Guido von List, the runic alphabet "futharkh"it consists of 18 runes main (although in other versions there is talk of 24 or more). Each of the runes has its own pronunciation, meaning and development potential Psychological and spiritual

We talked earlier about the revelation of the Odin runes. In these stanzas it is Odin himself who stars in the story in which he finds the runes. So it begins:

Before the creation of the world was the

Odin's knowledge, from wherever he

come, there he would return; Now I know the song

like no other man, and like no princess

They begin, then, each of the runes:

Rune Fa

Rune Fa, feh. Generating and penetrating fire.

The first promises to kindly help in the struggle and in misery, and in every difficulty. The root word Fa, represents the concept "arise", "stand up", "be". It hides the comfort of true wisdom, which is only lived for the evolution of the future.

While the fool laments his decay, build your luck and you'll have it

Rune Ur

Rune Ur: the primordial, eternity, primal fire, resurrection.

I learned something else, the one that people use when they want to be senators

Ur is the basis of any manifestation, which recognizes the cause of any event, does not seem irresolvable (whether lucky or not). Similarly, you can increase your luck by simply recognizing false evil and false luck. Know yourself and you will know everything.

Rune thor

Rune Thor, turs. Thunder, lightning, lightning.

The third thing I know, which is good for me, like shackles for my enemies, I wear the swords of my enemies, for neither weapon nor defense will help them.

It is the thunder of death, like the one Brunilda launched, the rebel Walkiria. But it is also the thunder of life, because after death comes the rebirth.

This symbol is that of the one who faces the enemy, going towards his death. As well as the force of the powers of death, through a constant renewal (life and death). Preserve your self, be true to yourself.

Rune Os

Rune Os, Ask, Ast: Mouth, rise, ash.

A fourth I know, when someone puts my arms and legs in shackles, as soon as I sing, I can free myself. The shackles fall from my feet, the bolt falls from my hands.

The mouth, the power of the word. Spiritual power working through the word. The power of suggestion.

Rune rod

Rune Rod, roth, rad, rott, rit, rita. Red, wheel, straight, straight.

A fifth I know; from an accurate flight an arrow flies through the crowd. However, as fast as it flies, I can catch it with just the power of my gaze.

The Nordic introspective consciousness is the awareness of their own condition as gods. Interiority is being one with oneself. And to be one with oneself is to be one with God.

When you have your interiority intact, as a natural people, you do not have the need to seek God outside of them. But if you do not find God in your innermost being, you will tend to seek in the external world.

The less internal the person is, the more external his life becomes. The more people lose their inner part, the more extravagant are their external manifestations, and so will their government, laws and worship (they will emerge as separate ideas).

The divine interiority of the Nordic looks with disdain for death for his unlimited trust in God and his being, expressing himself in Rod: the cosmic order, the law, the fifth rune.

That's why this rune says:

I am my Rod, my Law. This Rod is indestructible. Therefore, I am indestructible, because I am my Rod

Rune Ka

Rune Ka, kan, kuna, kon kuhn, kein. Bold as none.

A sixth is mine, if a man hurts me with the root of a strange tree, the ruin with which he threatened me does not hurt me but consumes him.

The Yggdrasil tree represents the tribal tree in Norse mythology, while a strange tree would be the tree of other peoples.

The term kuna I would refer to the feminine character of sexual purity, the tribe, the people must be preserved without allowing strange interference. So, Your blood, your lineage, is your highest possession.

Rune Hagal

Rune Hagal. The center of everything, envelops everything. Hail, destroy.

A seventh I know, if I see a great fire around people's homes despite how strong I can burn, I will appease him with magical songs.

Hagal is having an internal awareness of bringing God and his qualities within oneself. What causes an internal confidence in the power of personal spirit. A magical power that resides within all people. A power that can persuade a strong spirit to believe in him.

Christ was one of these people, as Odin was, and he said:

Truly I tell you that if someone told that stone: "move", the stone would move. Therefore, protect the whole in yourself and you will control the whole.

Rune Nauth

Rune Nauth, noth. Need, compulsion of destiny.

An octave I have, surely for all, the most necessary to use. Emerge wherever the discord wants, that I know how to placate it quickly.

The rune of necessity, but not in the sense of disaster, but of the drive of destiny fixed to the original laws, is to know the organic cause of all phenomena. Gain knowledge about the organic laws of evolution and thus judge its consequences.

Command the knowledge of the future, and the understanding of how to establish the fight, with the restriction of the path of destiny. Therefore, use your destiny, do not fight against it.

Rune is

Rune Is, I'll go. Iron.

I hold a novena when I need to protect my ship in the ocean. Then I will stop the storm of the frizzy sea and calm the waves.

It is through the awareness of personal and spiritual power that the waves are controlled, it is how they are frozen. But they are not just the waves, they are the symbolism of the will.

All life is obedient to the dominant will. Therefore, gain power over yourself and you will have power over anything that goes against you in the spiritual and physical worlds.

Rune Ar

Rune Ar. Sun, primordial fire.

One tenth when, through the air, women fly, ghostly riders. When I start that magic they will be confused in form and effort.

The primordial fire, God, the Sun, the light, destroys both physical and spiritual darkness, doubt and uncertainty. The Nordics, the children of the Sun, founded their Law or Rod, of which the eagle is its symbolic representation. He sacrifices himself, consecrates himself to be reborn. It is the phoenix.

Thus, This is the symbolic meaning of putting an eagle next to a hero's pile, symbolizing that death is the preparation for rebirth. To fight for an even more glorious future in human form, despite the limitations of the powers of darkness. Which succumb in front of the Rune Ar. Respect the primal fire.

Rune Sig

Rune Sig. Sun, salvation, victory.

I also know an eleventh, even in combat, when I lead who I appreciate. I sing it inside the shield and it is victorious in battle. Stay unharmed here, and unharmed come home. Stay unharmed wherever you are.

Sal y Sig !, heil und sieg !, alaf sal fena! Salvation and victory! This greeting and millennial shout of the Norse in battle represents victory, invincibility. The creative spirit must conquer.

Be creative, act and commit to victory. No one can defeat you if you first overcome the darkness in you.

Rune Tyr

Rune Tyr, tar, tur: The spirit of the Sun and the sword. Generate, hide

I have a twelfth, if a man is hanging from a tree high up, then I write some runes and the man descends and speaks to me.

Odin reborn and renewed has descended from the tree of the world after his self-sacrifice like a phoenix rising from its ashes, personified in the young sun god and sword god Tyr.

According to a mystical rule, each magical belief moves parallel to mythology, so that the mythical pattern is adopted by analogy by human processes to achieve the same results as in myths.

Just as Odin who returned from his sacrifice, understood, not as death, but as his entire life in a renewed body, likewise Anyone returns after a life in human form with a renewed body, mind and spirit after the rebirth. It should be said:

Don't fear death, it can't kill you

Rune bar

Rune Bar, beork, biork. Birth, song

A thirteenth name, I splash a nobleman's son in his first bath, when he goes to battle, he can't fall, no sword can knock him down

In the Rune Bar, the spiritual life in the whole, in which the human life between birth and death is only one day. In contrast to the day in life in human form, which goes from birth, through life as a song to death sanctified by the water of life in baptism.

This day in life, delimited by birth and death, and even if fate has not designated a sword for the death of the newborn, it is still exposed to many other dangers.

Despite the determination and dispensation of destiny, the dark rules of chance, based on the free will of men, against that evil decree of chance, I should fight the sacred blessing.

The Norse believed in predestination. However, they were aware that accidents could come into play on the way, which would keep them from fulfilling their destiny. However, they learned to appreciate chance and the unexpected, without them life would be monotonous, predictable, linear. Accidents are part of life. Accept them and overcome yourself.

Your life is in the hands of God, trust it within you.

Rune Laf

Rune Laf. Primal law, sea, life, fall.

I sing a fourteenth to the gathered people, pronounced the divine names, for all kinds of Asher and Elves, which I know as well as anyone.

Intuitive knowledge of the organic essence of the whole and, therefore, of the laws of nature, make up the unwavering foundation of the Nordic sacred teachings.

His religion was able to encompass the whole and, therefore, the individual in his emergence, work and death, towards the new emergence. Such kind of knowledge was communicated to the people through myths.

The myths contain a series of laws and teachings directed at the people. Especially for those who cannot yet encompass the whole, just as the human eye cannot encompass the vastness of the ocean. Work on yourself, body and spirit, and sacred knowledge will be revealed to you.

First learn to lead, then take the trip.

Rune man

Runa Man, mon. Luna, mother, increase.

A fifteenth story which Folkrast, the dwarf, sang at the gates of the day, the Aser for strength, the Elves for power, myself for clearing my mind.

The primal word ma, is the hallmark of the feminine. Just like the word fa, it is masculine.

The mythical-mythical Moon acts as the magic ring of Draupnir, from which an equal number of rings arise every nine nights. The nights are the months, and nine nights would be the pregnancy period.

This rune carries the exoteric and esoteric processes of the great mystery of humanity and reaches its zenith in the warning: Be a man. Be a woman

Rune Yr

Rune Yr, go. Bow, rainbow, shuffleboard, error, anger.

A sixteenth I speak to a shy maiden to obtain goodness and luck: that changes and turns the desires of the mind, of the armed beauty of the white swan

The Yr rune is the inverse of the Man rune and designates the arch, and also represents the crescent and waning Moon in contrast to the full Moon of the Man rune. It refers to the mutability of the Moon, such as the mutability of the feminine essence, reflected in the book Havamál(Rules of life), which goes like this:

Do not trust only the words of a maiden, do not trust the true words of a woman. His heart was molded into a spinning wheel, the feminine heart is the home of veleity. Look beyond his words, and you will get the truth. You must know how to listen to a woman.

The Rune Yr is the rune of error, it causes confusion, whether through the excitement of passions in love, in the game, in the drink, through pretexts in speeches or in any other way.

So that, you must be careful, because you may be able to overcome resistance through confusion. But the success of a victory won that way is as illusory as the victory itself, as it brings anger, rage and madness.

The victory of this rune is force the opponent with mere pretexts instead of real reasons. Therefore, teach the following: Think of the end.

Rune Eh

Rune Eh: wedding, law, horse, court.

A seventeenth helps me with an adorable maiden, so that she can never leave me

This rune faces the previous one, Yr. While one warns about the frivolity of transient romances, the Eh rune confirms the love of marriage, on the basis of marriage, as physical and spiritual union between man and woman. Two united by the primitive law of life.

Marriage is the basis of the people, and Hey conceptualize the law, since according to an old legal formula marriage is the pure root for the continuity of peoples. Therefore, marriage is the pure root of the Norse.

Rune Fyrfos

Rune Fyrfos. Hook cross.

I will never tell the eighteenth to a woman or maiden. It forms the best ending for the songs, which only one of all knows, except for the woman who joins me or is a sister to me.

In this rune, Odin argues that this is the highest level of knowledge that the original generation could quite achieve. A knowledge attained by spiritual and physical power united.

The great power that can reach the great triple secret of constant generation, constant life and uninterrupted recurrence. In spite of everything, the Skalds keep this rune for them as an exclusive secret.

They ended up yielding pressure and revealed a sign that would replace this, it would be like the substitute of the eighteenth rune. The Gibor rune.

Gibor rune

Rune Gibor, gi, gifa. Gift, giver, God, earth, death.

God is the giver and the Earth receives its presents. But not only is it a recipient, it also returns to its giver. The Rune Doctrine Gibor It would represent God exoterically.

Thus, while the exoteric doctrine teaches that man emerges from God and will return to God, esoteric doctrine knows the invisible connection of man with divinity. And you can consciously say: Man, be one with God.

Now the great song is over, here in the hall of the highest, in need of the earthly, not of the giants, save him, who teaches him, save him, who learns him. Of salvation, all who listen make good use of these runes.


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