Being parents does not mean being a provider ...

Being parents does not mean being a provider ...

Being parents is a difficult task, but at the same time very beautiful. It requires constant learning, some by reception, but most of these are by discovery. There are thousands of aspects to consider for the education / training of a child, but they are difficult to group in a few words. The important thing about this is to keep in mind that the experience will help us improve or be better every day in this work.

You can talk a lot about being parents, but as many of them say: "Until you're not, you don't know what it means". Throughout the article, the fact that being a parent is not synonymous with being a provider will be addressed. The material does not replace the emotional, so Finding a good combination of both aspects is a highly recommended task to create healthy links.


  • 1 Being parents means wanting to give our children the best
  • 2 "More" is not always better
  • 3 Be parents and seek balance

Being parents means wanting to give our children the best

We want them to be better than us or have what we couldn't have. Although in this constant struggle to do our best we can be wrong, the main thing is to correct these faults and move on. Parents give their best so that in the end our children are the best: good men and women.

But, there is one aspect that we must take into account and be careful because we could be wrong in this training process: Am I a parent or am I a provider?

"More" is not always better

Sometimes we think that if we give the material things that our children need, it will be enough for them to be happy or at least, they feel very good. They will feel great for now, because "nothing is missing", but in reality, this is just a facade. Inwardly these children lack affection, because they have not given them the love they need. When we talk about love, it is about encompassing multiplicity of important aspects for the human being: communication, manifestations of affection, understanding, patience, support, trust, among others.

When we are parent providers, our children have no choice but to seek love in other people. These people are given all the confidence that we as parents would not give us, because they do not feel they are important to us. It may also be because maybe you have only had a cold and distant relationship with parents, in which there is no love, a hug or a smile. These aspects, which in many cases seem insignificant because they do not have a monetary value, are actually much more valuable than the material aspects.

Being parents and looking for balance

With all this, it is not meant that the material is not important or necessary, simply, the affective part must be linked with the material things. The tangible with the intangible to do the best job: educate a child.

As human beings, parents constantly have fears. Perhaps fear of making mistakes, fear that our children are not the person we want or think we educate. Because of all this, we often tend to overprotect our children, taking away the freedom they need to explore and learn from the world for themselves. They can even be suffocated with so much overprotection. In this way, the only thing that the children will want would be to escape, which results in rebellion in the adolescence stage.

The important thing about this work of parents is provide our children with the bases so that they can defend themselves at a given time. For this, it is necessary an integral formation to our children, giving them a spiritual formation, in values, knowledge, abilities, aptitudes that allow him to be a great person.

Author: Carmenza Mejía Turizo