Obesity as a way

Obesity as a way

"I was born, in a family that related health with fatness and obesity, and where affection was demonstrated through food. I was learning that in hydrates, I could dump all my emotions. From an early age, and paradoxically, my mother began to worry about my weight.

Starting a new diet, one of many, finally was, a new challenge that ended with the recovery of all lost weight. Today with 45 Kilos down I put my own experience and my profession at the service of the other; Understanding your emotions (which are my emotions) and feelings. From my experience I was able to redesign the life I want to live and it is my mission to transmit it. ”

"Today we are and we are as a function of what we have decided and done yesterday. Tomorrow we will be and will be as we are deciding and being today".

-Mario Dehter-

The objective of this article is to provide a space for reflection on aspects related to the prevention and treatment of obesity from a new perspective.


  • 1 The problem of obesity in our society
  • 2 Emotional problems and nutritional disorders
  • 3 How to change our programmed habits
  • 4 Common treatments to fight obesity

The problem of obesity in our society

Despite the efforts made by the scientific community, to find a solution to obesity, we can say that it continues to grow by leaps and bounds, becoming a worldwide epidemic.

We know the health consequences caused by the obesity and the overweight. At the same time it alarms the growth in the last decades of cases in children and adolescents. Therefore it is necessary to focus on PREVENTION, identifying and modifying certain family, social and educational habits, apprehending new ways of linking with food, achieving more enabling and healthy behaviors.

It is striking that the more solutions offered to lose weight, the problem progresses and more and more people are obese. It is enough to open any current magazine to observe the amount of publicity, offers and promises to reach that “figure” that society at the same time demands.

Emotional problems and nutritional disorders

Many factors disturb our daily health, especially when it comes to mind-body integration. Anxiety, depression, rage ... leads us to disconnect from our bodily experiences and act by compulsion. Eating without attention, such as eating reading or watching television, rather than being aware of what we eat, distracts us and separates us from listening to the wise messages of our body regarding what it really needs.

When we are not in communion with our body, we do not get the information we need for healthy emotional and cognitive functioning. A lack of body awareness leads us to difficulties in identifying emotional states. This translates into that We don't know what to do with our intense emotions or impulses that arise in our body. In this case, mindfulness represents an excellent technique to help us investigate our thoughts and emotions.

How to change our programmed habits

If we generate greater awareness in search of the path of “who are you now" to "Who do you want to be", Our life can start to change. In this way, we challenge and show those particular ways of perceiving, little possible, that slow down the weight loss and limit maintaining the healthy weight achieved over time.

We would have to start “taking off” this concept of the certainty that obesity is an “incurable disease”. Starting from that statement, it takes away certain possibilities of intervention and more generative actions to achieve certain changes. It is like giving ourselves to a kind of "curse" that comes from outside and marks a predictable, expected destination, without solution.

It is necessary to put light in those dark areas where we stop without advancing in the achievements of results that we want to create. The base consists of rephrase certain thoughts that we were incorporating and always leaving ourselves in the same place. An awkward place, but at the same time known, where beyond discomfort, gives us some security, from there we can understand so much resistance to change.

Vicious circle

Then begins a "vicious circle" that leads to always do more of the same: lose weight, go up, to go back down and go back up, where at each turn of this circle the feeling of anguish, frustration, weakness is intensified and impotence Therefore, Obesity is not a disease in itself, what "sick" are the failed attempts at solution.

If we change our way of observing the world, of observing ourselves, and modify our own conversations and our judgments, we will be able to take different actions to achieve significant results. The responsibility to take care of our actions and the declaration of a vision and mission adds value and meaning to our lives.

Common treatments to fight obesity

Most of the treatments proposed in obesity point to weight loss, isolated as an aesthetic goal, losing the possibility of co-building healthy habits improving the quality of life. In this sense, Obesity is another element that adds to a whole, so it is inappropriate to consider weight loss as the only solution, thus ensuring the failure from the beginning.

"We can't solve our problems in the same way we create them."

-TO. Einstein-

From another paradigm, finding a new emotional approach, looking for a way that takes into account the person as a system, complete, with their emotions, their corporality, their language, from this coherence that we are, with their world of interests and relationship. Stop to observe what link is sustained with food and "who are we being in the act of eating".

When a person, in an act of anger, throws a pot at another, for example, the one that is about to receive the impact of the blow, it did not occur to him at that time, water the plant, or smell the scent of its flowers. What you will try to do at best, is to try to dodge the blow. Because in that relationship, at that precise moment, the pot ceases to be a pot and becomes "projectile."

Something similar occurs with the person-food relationship when we talk about obesity. Foods are neither good nor bad. There will be healthier or less healthy, but in that relationship, at the time of a bingeFor example, food ceases to be food and acts as an emotional discharge. In this way, it becomes a harmful weapon.

To reflect ...

  • Your thoughts, your beliefs, become words disguised as affirmations.
  • Affirmations are transformed into actions.
  • Your actions will create habits.
  • Habits will achieve certain results
  • Your results ... will mark your destiny.

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Lic. Marcelo Brosky-Buenos Aires-Argentina