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The value of your life and your person

The value of your life and your person

Today we are involved in events or events beyond our control. It is amazing to see how the focus of our attention, which centers and channels all our vital actions, has shifted out. However, now we want to invite you to stop for a moment, isolate yourself from all external stimuli and look inwards, towards yourself, to recognize the value of your life and your person

The value of your life and your person

We want to share with you a series of reflections in which We will address some important issues to help guide your life. In fact, they will be useful if you are going through a bad time or not. It is always good to think about life and our person.

The value of your life: You are very important

Indeed, you are very important, even much more than you think. Your person has a meaning and value superior to anything else. If you are alive it is for some important reason. Therefore, you exist, live, think, feel and act for and for something. The fact that you are ever sad or believe that you can no longer do it, or that nothing makes sense anymore, means that, perhaps, you have not yet found the reason why you are in this world.

You may not be asking the right questions or, you are not leading the life you want, or you are not being free to decide fundamentally. Nevertheless, life is discovery, each one must make the inner journey to self-discovery: know yourself and you will know everything.

You are a unique and irreplaceable being

The value of your life and of your person it's so big that nothing and nobody can replace it. No other person, no matter how hard they try, could be like you, possess your same wisdom or skills.

It is important that you know that your life could never be replaced by something else, no matter how good it was. No one could occupy the position you would leave in the world if your disappearance occurred.Never compare yourself, you are a unique person. You have a lot to offer.

Therefore, what you do and live, your successes and mistakes, are the small or great experiences that are obtained in the way of life. I walk that nothing and nobody will do for you. Everyone makes this trip, you can too.

The world needs you and claims you

That is precisely why you are in this world. Expect a lot from you. Life asks for an active and responsible participation. Thus, The world waits and wants you to answer the call. In this way, it is pending that you fulfill your duty, that you give everything you can give of yourself.

Everyone has something important, unique and special to contribute. You may be looking for it, you may not have found it yet, but surely if you surrender to life, if you walk your path and strive to know, you can give something of yourself to others.

The value of your life: why and why have I been born?

Ask yourself, with great seriousness and sincerity, why and why I was born? You must discover that something transcendent and vital, that calls you from the depths of your being, that tells the reason why you are alive. Discover that driving force of your existence, which calls you endlessly ... How long have you not paying attention to that call within you? Have you been so focused on everything in your life that is outside of you that you have neglected your own Self?

Above all, do not regret, do not pity. Think that there are people who have never come to ask these questions. So, It is never too late to start asking all these fundamental questions.

Also, as you discover yourself, you will open yourself to other new horizons, your life and your thoughts will change and adapt to these new realities. Life will show you unsuspected paths that can fill you with happiness. In this way, you will surely feel greater life satisfaction, fulfillment and personal self-realization.

The most important thing is you

In effect, you are the main thing. You are not your car, or your home, or your checking account, or your profession. You are not something merely material. Keep in mind something: Everything in your life, and in the life of those around you will depend on what you do with yourself.. It will depend on:

  • The way you look
  • How do you treat yourself
  • Your acts
  • How do you build yourself

Your own Self must be your main and inalienable goal. The one you should look for before anything else. Your direction, your search, your wisdom, your life.

The value of your life: conclusions

Since you are the most important thing, you must work, train and cultivate. Take care with the greatest care. Do not despair, when we put things in the perspective of time, we see that the events in the end were not as terrible as they seemed. In the end, in this life, everything is resolved.

You are the investment that you will never regret, so you have to invest in yourself. Build a solid foundation, be clear about your priorities, set a clear and precise order. However, if you need help, ask for it. No one is exempt from being able to be helped at some time in their life.

Finally, become aware again with your own Self, stop living the lives of others, know yourself, improve yourself, be humble and give yourself to others. Remember what we told you at the beginning: you are very important, even much more than you think. No one can replace you. Remember it always, don't despair and live.


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