Benefits of meditation

Benefits of meditation

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In this article we expose the benefits of meditation as nobody has told you so far. Meditation can be defined as the path of inner recollection. For the ancient mystics it was the sacred way for conquest and personal fulfillment. Well, for them, meditating meant listening to the message of divinity within us.

From other perspectives, such as the oriental ones, meditation is usually defined as the art of understanding and contemplation. Also, as the basis and foundation of the right, fair, good and healthy action.

Above all, meditation allows you to focus on the present, be more aware of the little things, get to know each other better and become wiser every day. All imbued in a atmosphere of peace and serenity.


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Benefits of meditation

1. The inner peace

Among the main benefits of meditation is that it gives us peace and unity. It harmonizes us, restores us, helps us overcome internal conflict. For those who conceive the disease as a state of incompleteness, meditation facilitates the task to complete the Self: body, soul and spirit.

2. Pleasant state of relaxation

Meditation relaxes us, relieves and reduces physical and mental tensions. It is one of the greatest calming or sedative. Relieves our fears and emotional problems, those that grip us and distress us. Further, decrease stress, anxiety, depression and worries.

3. A look inside you

Another of the greats benefits of meditation is that it makes us look back inside. One of the current problems is that we live "outward", and move away from our own reality. We do not know ourselves. Precisely, meditation allows one to know oneself.

It makes us make contact with our deepest Self. Therefore, we can feel its presence, its importance, its meaning. We can connect with our intimate depth and learn from it.

4. A journey towards self-knowledge

It helps us to get to know each other better and learn how our own personal world works. It allows us to connect with our body and our psyche, ending the usual disconnection with which we live our life, and that prevents us from integrating our experience.

It allows us to realize everything that happens inside us and abroad. Further, we are aware of the sensations, reactions, thoughts or impulses that arise from our mind, as well as the reason for our changes In the mood.

5. Live in the present

Of course, it is a lot Better to live in the now, alert and awake, than to be pathologically trapped in the past (depression) or in the future (anxiety).

Meditation allows you to be aware of the now, with an open mind, attentive to everything, but present in our own reality. Thus, break with the tyranny that subdues our life, trapping it in temporary moments that prevent us from acting.

6. Deep vision

Another of the benefits of meditation is the ability to develop our vision capacity. Paraphrasing Marcel Proust, it's not about seeing a new reality, but about seeing reality with new eyes.

In this way, we will learn to See things as they are, clearly and objectively. We can also put things in perspective, with a global focus on things.

7. The road to freedom

Meditation offers you the opportunity to experience personal freedom like never before. It frees us from the excuses and the ballasts that prevented us from being authentic, happy.

On the other hand, you will realize that many people live in a false life, not authentic, automated and enslaved to material things (car, money, work, snacks ...). That is not a free life.

Freedom is having the ability to part with the unnecessary and live with enough. The things you own will possess you in the end; However, your Being is the only thing that cannot be taken from you.

8. It transforms us

Meditation can help you wake up, strengthen and enhance your virtues. We understand by virtues those qualities and traits of character that are most necessary). In addition, we can learn to correct our vices and defects. You can transform and forge a new way of being.

9. Mental hygiene

Let's look at it like this: our mind gets dirty daily with everything negative that we accumulate in it. Meditation helps us sweep away all this filthiness and therefore purifies our mind.. It reconciles us with the subconscious.

It also helps us fight against our own resistance, limitations, phobias, manias and obsessions. It teaches us to face suffering and face problems. In other words, the regular practice of meditation gives us poise, firmness and strength.

10. Discover the importance of life

Another of the greats benefits of meditation is that, by focusing and channeling our attention, we found a spiritual center around which to organize our life. We make contact and apprehend our center, what brings balance, peace and harmony to our existence.

On the other hand, it allows us to properly channel our physical, mood and spiritual energies. Power our positive forces, such as those healing, creative, liberating. On the contrary, it makes the negative or limiting energies of Being disappear.

Finally, It makes us receptive, willing to see and receive the truth. It teaches us to listen. Also, it develops intuition, sensitivity, memory, intelligence and the capacity for assimilation and learning.

Discover the benefits of meditation through these examples


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