120 inspiring phrases by William Shakespeare

120 inspiring phrases by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare 1564-1616 is known as the most famous and important English poet, playwright and actor of all time. He is also known as the national poet of England and was nicknamed the Bard of Avon. He wrote about 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems and many other verses, although the authorship of some is uncertain. His works have been translated into all major living languages ​​and are interpreted more frequently than those of any other playwright.

William Shakespeare's best quotes

We know what we are, not what we can be. Hamlet

It is destiny that shuffles the cards, but we are the ones who play.

There is nothing good or bad, it is human thought that makes it appear that way.

It is easier to get what you want with a smile than with the tip of the sword.

I wasted my time, now time wastes me.

Anyone can master a suffering, except the one who feels it.

Better than with words, sincerity is shown with actions.

Beware of the bonfire you light against your enemy, lest you singe yourself.

Keep your friend under the key of your own life.

So impossible is to fan the fire with snow, like putting out the fire of love with words.

The world is a stage, and all men and women are mere actors.

Whatever happens, even on the most stormy day, hours and time pass by.

Lends ear to all, and a few voice. Hear the censures of others; But reserve your own opinion.

Hidden grief, like a closed oven, burns the heart to reduce it to ashes. Othello

If you are honest and beautiful, your honesty should not allow dealing with your beauty. Hamlet

Have more than you show; Talk less than you know.

First of all, be true to yourself. And so, as true as the night follows the day, you will find that you cannot lie to anyone. Hamlet

Love comforts like the glare of the sun after the rain.

Nothing embolds a sinner as much as forgiveness.

Trying the best we often spoil what is right.

Forgiveness falls like soft rain from heaven to earth. It is twice blessed; Bless the one who gives it and the one who receives it. The merchant of Venice

Words are full of falsehood or art; The look is the language of the heart.

Alcohol causes desire but frustrates execution.

The poor happy is rich and very rich; who swims in riches and fears losing them is poorer than winter. Othello

To be or not to be, that is the question. Hamlet

In friendship and love, one is happier with ignorance than with knowledge.

Consciousness is the voice of the soul; the passions, that of the body.

Even if you are as chaste as ice and as pure as snow you will not escape slander.

A man who does not feed on his dreams, grows old soon.

Brevity is the soul of ingenuity.

Look that sometimes the devil deceives us with the truth, and brings us perdition wrapped in gifts that seem innocent. Macbeth

The friends you have and whose friendship you have already tested, hook them to your soul with steel hooks.

He laughs at the wounds who has not suffered them. Romeo and Juliet

Being in this or that way depends on us. Our body is a garden and our will, the gardener. Othello

Life is like a story told by an idiot. Full of talk and frenzy, it makes no sense.

With a bait of lies you catch the fish of truth. Hamlet

Memory is the sentinel of the brain.

It is better to be king of your silence than slave of your words.

Avaro without profit, why do you use such a large sum, if you live, you don't succeed?

Why ask heaven what is in our own hands.

Give word to pain: pain that does not speak, groans in the heart until it breaks.

There is nothing good or bad: our opinion makes it so. Hamlet

My crown is in the heart, not in my head.

Brevity is the soul of ingenuity.

Even virtue becomes vice when it is misapplied.

Tears are there for your affection, joy for your fortune, honor for your courage and death for your ambition. Julius Caesar

At birth, we cry because we enter this vast asylum. The Lear King

He thinks a lot: men like that are dangerous.

The jealous is not for a reason: it is because it is. Jealousy is a monster begotten and born of itself. Othello

One can smile and smile, being an infamous. Hamlet

The daring spirits quickly climb to the tops.

Love does not follow the fleeting current of age, which undoes the colors of the flowery lips and cheeks.

Who rises too close to the sun with golden wings melts them.

Do not dirty the fountain where you have quenched your thirst.

Oh Lord! To be honest, as the world is going is to be a man chosen from ten thousand. Hamlet

It is very poor love that can be evaluated.

The one who likes to be flattered is worthy of the flatterer.

Valuable dams turn honest men into thieves.

I would be very unhappy if I could say to what extent I am.

The lesson of madness: adjust thinking and memory. Hamlet

Lightnesses such as air are for the jealous strong confirmations, as a testimony of the sacred scriptures.

Love, as blind as it is, prevents lovers from seeing the fun nonsense they commit. The merchant of Venice

The best men are those with few words. Henry VIII

In a minute there are many days.

I swear it is better to be fooled than to suspect a pinch. Othello

If the whole year was a party, having fun would be more boring than working.

A liar face must hide what a false heart knows.

Whatever you think, I think it's better to say it with good words.

Die, sleep, maybe dream- Oh! There is the problem, because what we can dream after stripping off this carnal envelope should make us reflect. Hamlet

Loyalty has a calm heart.

In our crazy attempts, we renounce who we are for what we hope to be.

Youth, even when no one fights it, finds in itself its own enemy.

The cautious man never deplores the present evil; Use the present to prevent future afflictions.

Strong reasons, make strong actions.

Cowards die many times before their true death. The brave prove death only once.

If money goes ahead, all roads open.

I always feel happy. You know why? Because I do not expect anything from anyone; Wait always hurts. Problems are not eternal, they always have a solution. The only thing that is not resolved is death. Life is short, so love her, be happy and always smile, just live intensely. Before speaking, listen. Before writing, think. Before hurting, feel. Before giving up, try. Before die, live.

There's no legacy richer than honesty.

Madness is right sometimes when judgment and sanity do not bear fruit. Hamlet

I beg you, speak to me in the language of your own thoughts and give the worst of all the worst of words. Othello

From what I have fear is your fear.

Excellent thing is to have the strength of a giant, but using it as a giant is typical of a tyrant.

You will live while someone sees and feels and this can live and give you life.

A shame calm with the suffering of another.

Love comforts like the glare of the sun after the rain.

It is not worth tasting honey whoever moves away from the hive for fear of bee stings.

Losing sleep, that unleashes the intricate plot of pain; sleep, rest from all fatigue; Food the sweetest that is served at the table of life. Macbeth

We suffer too much for the little we lack and enjoy little of how much we have.

If you want to ascend steep slopes, it is necessary at first to walk slowly.

The abuse of greatness comes when clemency of power is separated. Julius Caesar

Nature lends and does not give, and, generous, lends to the generous.

To deceive the times, trust your mandates. Macbeth

Prudent father is the one who knows his son.

The love of young people is not in the heart, but in the eyes. Romeo and Juliet

If it comes now, it won't come later. If it doesn't come later, it will come now. If it doesn't come now, one day will come. Everything is to be prepared. Hamlet

To be honest as the world is, is to be a man chosen from ten thousand.

Assume a virtue if you don't have it.

That misleading word tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, takes us to the grave for days, and yesterday's fallacious light illuminates the fool until he falls into the pit. Macbeth

If money goes ahead, all roads open.

The old people distrust youth because they have been young.

I could be locked in a nutshell and feel king of an infinite space. Hamlet

I see that crazy people are deaf. It cannot be less if the wise are blind. Romeo and Juliet

We are of the same material that dreams are woven, our little life is surrounded by dreams.

The devil quotes the Bible to his advantage. The merchant of Venice

The wise man does not sit down to mourn, but instead happily puts himself to his task of repairing the damage done.

Virtue cannot be grafted onto our old trunk without any rests. Hamlet

The cautious man never deplores the present evil; Use the present to prevent future afflictions.

Evil can quote the sacred scriptures for their purposes. The merchant of Venice

And, above all, be true to yourself, for it follows, like day to night, that you cannot be false with anyone. Hamlet

Leave your eyes free: contemplate other beauties. Romeo and Juliet

I consider cowardly and vile to hasten the course of life for fear of what might happen. Julius Caesar

We cry at birth because we come to this immense scene of insane people.

The woman is a delicacy worthy of the gods, when the devil does not stew it.

The ruined man reads his condition in the eyes of others so quickly that he feels his fall.

My love was born from my only hate! I have seen him very soon and I know him late. Fatal birth of love will have been if I have to love the worst enemy. Romeo and Juliet

Curses never go beyond the lips that utter them.

Two pretty berries modeled on the same stem. This is how two visible bodies, we had only one heart.

Assume a virtue if you don't have it. Hamlet

Read the decree yourself: since you ask for justice, be assured that you will have more justice than you want. The merchant of Venice

In human things there is a tide that if taken in time leads to fortune; For those who let it pass, the journey of life is lost in shoals and misfortunes. Julius Caesar

There is unique providence in the fall of a bird. Hamlet

He who goes too fast arrives as late as he who goes too slowly. Romeo and Juliet

We owe our life to God, so if we pay it today, we will not owe it tomorrow.

Beauty can transform honesty into alcahueta before honesty returns beauty to honesty. Hamlet

Words without affection will never reach the ears of God.

The past is prologue.