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Self confidence and confidence, the key to personal attractiveness

Self confidence and confidence, the key to personal attractiveness

Many times you have wondered what is the key to being attractive. After all, it is something that all people look for: Like others more. What if I told you that confidence and self-confidence is key to being attractive?


  • 1 Why we are attracted to confident people
  • 2 The difference between self-confidence and vanity
  • 3 How to gain confidence in yourself and be more attractive?

Why we are attracted to confident people

Surely you have also noticed that there are people who, although they are not especially physically attractive, have a "something" that makes us look especially at them.

That something can be called in many ways. For some it is charm, for others it is enchantment, for others it is charisma. The word we use is the least, because they all refer to the same: The security that person has in himself and in his abilities.

These types of people accept and love themselves as they are, without needing to want to emulate others and without trying to hide defects.

This self-assurance makes those who feel this good about themselves less afraid of leaving their comfort zone, and this kind of "self-confident unconsciousness" It has a natural magnetism that makes people approach.

The difference between self-confidence and vanity

However, despite the above, It is important that self-confidence and self-confidence are not confused with vanity.

Vanity, in fact, appears when lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. It is a way of "covering" insecurities under a shell of self-sufficiency. But rarely can vanity compete with self-confidence.

That is why people who are vain rarely fall well, but people who are self-confident are always welcome and, as we say, are attractive to others.

And, in fact, vanity is a very poor imitation of self-confidence. While the self-confident person makes decisions, the person with vanity gets carried away, so as not to assume responsibilities.

If those decisions go well, the self-confident person assumes it with normality and humility, while the person with vanity will try to claim credit. And, if those decisions go wrong, the vain person will say that he did not make the decision, while the person with self-confidence will assume the error and its consequences.

In the same way, the person who has confidence in himself has no problem accepting a certain portion of risk, because he has faith in himself. However, the vain person rarely does this, because, in reality, he does not trust himself.

And, of course, when both are silent, it is when the differences are most noticeable. The person who is self-confident can be detected without opening his mouth, which does not happen with the vain person.

Why? For body language. The vain people smile less and have a more “shrunken” posture (even though they try to falsify it), while people with self-confidence smile and show themselves openly, with the upright posture and tranquility.

How to gain self-confidence and be more attractive?

Let's see now some keys to gain self-confidence and be more attractive to other people. But, remember, in the end, all this is a mental and emotional issue. While following these tips, you will have to solve your problems.

Watch your thoughts

People produce more than 50,000 thoughts a day and about half are negative.. These negative thoughts usually fulfill the function of warning us of dangers, but the truth is that they rarely have a foundation in today's societies.

People with self-confidence dominate these negative thoughts and eliminate them. Especially, we must be able to stop the negative thoughts that have to do with ourselves, because they will negatively affect our self-esteem.

Control your emotions

People with confidence in themselves control their emotions and do not let them control them. Thinking with your heart is not a good idea if what you want is to master what happens around you, so try to stay cold in situations where others lose their temper.

Take care of your body posture consciously

There are studies that have shown that show a triumphant body posture leads to hormonal levels more related to triumph, well-being and self-confidence.

Thus, you can fool your brain by adopting a winning body posture instead of getting carried away by the refusal.

As you can see, the fact having confidence and self-confidence makes other people see us as more attractive. At the end of the day, having someone who is decisive and who is capable of handling difficult situations in the long term is better than having a pretty face.

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