Do you have a tough personality?

Do you have a tough personality?

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A person cannot choose their circumstances, but if they can choose their thoughts and indirectly, and with certainty, shape their circumstances (James Allen)


  • 1 A fable ...
  • 2 What characterizes a tough personality
  • 3 What traits have this type of personality

A fable ...

Once upon a time there was a farmer who had some horses to help him in his small farm. One day a foreman went to tell him that the best of his horses had fallen into a well.

The farmer went to the place saw that the horse was fine and tried with all his might to get the horse. Seeing that he did not succeed, he understood that it was not worth rescuing him. Then, sorry he asked the foreman to throw dirt on him to bury him right there.

The foreman began to throw sand. The horse did not let itself be buried and used the earth to raise, until finally it was able to leave.

And what do you do, do you shake the earth or let it bury you?

What characterizes a tough personality

A person who despite suffering disorders that could destabilize him, resists and goes afloat. These types of people live like other events that can affect them for example a divorce, a dismissal at work, etc. But they face life and accept what happens to them stoically.

What traits have this type of personality

A psychologist named Kobasa discovered that individuals with resistant personality have common characteristics. These people have commitment, control and challenge. These qualities make this type of people know how to fit what happens to them and live with it as well as possible.

  • Commitment: it means believe in what one does and commit to it. The commitment encompasses various aspects of life, work, relationships with others, responsibility for the obligations that arise daily. These people not only successfully face stressful situations but can also help others deal with these kinds of events.
  • The control: people with control they have an intrinsic motivation. That is, what motivates them is something internal. What moves and drives them are themselves. They believe that they are responsible for what happens to them and that they can face it. These people think they are competent that have the ability to overcome what happens to them.
  • The challenge: this people they believe that change is something inherent in life. They understand changes not as defeats but as beneficial challenges for their personal development.

These three characteristics are what can make us get out of the well, do you dare?