62 wonderful phrases about patience

62 wonderful phrases about patience

On this occasion, we bring the best phrases about patience. And, in these times, where everything is in a hurry and we have no time to stop for a second, understanding the importance of patience is essential.

Quotes about patience

People believe that patience is passive, and it is not so. Patience is active. It is concentrated strength.

Patience is the art of hope.

Someone who has patience can have anything they set out to do.

To get anything you just need love and patience.

Obstacles and difficulties disappear as if by magic to those who have patience and perseverance.

The fruit of bitter patience is very sweet.

The companion of wisdom is patience.

With patience and perseverance, you can move mountains.

Genius is eternal patience.

The secret of nature is eternal patience.

There are two great warriors on the planet: Patience and time.

If there was only joy in the world, we could not learn to be brave and patient.

Be patient in all areas, but above all, be patient with yourself.

A man who is a teacher in patience is a teacher in everything else.

With strength or ingenuity you can achieve some things, but with patience you can achieve many more.

Without patience it is impossible to own one's soul.

Patience cannot be obtained overnight. It is like a muscle. You have to exercise it a little every day.

It is a mistake to believe that every mistake is really a mistake. That only time can tell. Therefore, be patient.

Abused patience can become rage.

Our actions have consequences, and you must bear them patiently.

The best way to have patience is to be doing something else in the meantime.

Resistance is concentrated patience.

Be patient. Things are always difficult before they become easy.

You have to be patient to learn to be patient.

Often, the greatest power a person can have is simple patience.

Having patience is also a form of action.

Good things always take a while.

Being in a hurry in life will not give you any advantage.

Resistance is nobler than strength. Patience is more noble than beauty.

Patience has limits. If you have too much patience, it becomes cowardice.

Whenever power and patience confront each other, you have to bet on patience.

Do not confuse patience with lack of courage or lack of courage with patience.

The only way to achieve great things is to keep trying until there are no more options.

People think that patience is the ability to wait, but it isn't. Patience is how we behave while we wait.

The best fire does not light quickly.

Hope is patience with the lamp on.

Patience is repressing one's inclinations.

Phrases that help to be patient

Next, I mention some additional phrases that will help you to be patient:

If you want to be patient, think of the rivers. They are patient. They are not in a hurry. They know they will arrive at their destination someday.

Patience and time allow for achievements greater than strength or passion.

Human wisdom can be summed up in having hope and patience.

If you want to achieve success, the best thing you can do is have patience, persistence and sweat on your forehead.

Great works were never done by force, but by perseverance.

Patience is nothing more than domesticated passion.

You cannot immediately reap what has been sown. Patience is necessary.

Impatience is the ruin of strength. Patience is the support of weakness.

Humility is a kind of attentive patience.

Life is short enough to lose it by being vindictive or malicious. Therefore, try to be patient and understanding with your surroundings.

Be very careful with the fury of a patient man.

Patience is about hiding your impatience.

With patience and strength there is nothing to resist you.

Be careful with misfortune, because you have much more patience than fortune.

Remember that the trees that take longer to grow are the ones that carry the best fruits.

Patience is not to rebel against any difficulty.

Patience is a flower that is not found in any garden.

As you can see, you are phrases about patience They will help you understand it much better. With them, you can be calmer in general terms and learn to wait for things that are taking a little longer than you expected to arrive.