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The Universe of Emotions, a beautiful interior map

The Universe of Emotions, a beautiful interior map

Thanks to an interesting and at the same time beautiful work carried out by the well-known scientific popularizer Eduard Punset, the professor of the University of Barcelona specialized in Emotional Intelligence Rafael Bisquerra, and the design studio Palau Gea, the book “Universe of Emotions” is born .

This project aims to offer us a graphic representation of human emotions, but not of the six basic emotions that are studied in the Psychology career and based on the Ekman classification: fear, surprise, aversion, anger, joy and sadness, not , they have gone much further and have managed to extract up to a whopping 307 different emotions that according to degrees of intensity, and whose vertebral axis are 10 “galaxies”, the previous six and four more: sadness, fear, anger, surprise, happiness, disgust, anxiety, love, joy and social emotions. From them hang a whole universe of emotions.

The six main emotions that we have already mentioned, are those that articulate this entire visual map. Three of them are at the top: joy, love and happiness; and the other three are at the bottom: fear, anger and sadness. Then four more levels of emotions appear, according to their degree of importance. Finally, the graphic composition is based on the situation of emotions in terms of positive and negative, and the relationships between them.

This beautiful map allows us to visualize and better understand our less logical or rational behavior of human beings.

Some scientists have come to count up to 543 different emotions, but no one until now had dared to show them graphically.

As Rafael Bisquerra says: “Universe of Emotions, a graphic map of who we are and how we interact. Science and art come together in the greatest graphic representation of emotions known so far. The 307 emotions included in this map allow us to visualize and understand our behavior as human beings. A didactic and informative tool that allows us to know what happens inside us. And most importantly, it helps us manage our feelings”.

And is that one of the main objectives of the book "is to contribute to fly over negative emotions and approach positive ones”, Says Bisquerra.

Below you have images of these beautiful and recently discovered new galaxies.