Spiritual phrases

Spiritual phrases

Life is not always a path of roses. Many times, we need some guidance or a little push to encourage us to do something or take a step. Other times, phrases inspire us to forget and forgive. Be that as it may, each spiritual phrase has a purpose.

The best spiritual phrases

Are you in search of the best spiritual phrases to inspire you? Then you have reached the right place. Here you will find a selection of the best spiritual phrases. We hope that at least one of them can help you:

"Happiness cannot be earned or possessed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every second with love and gratitude." Or in other words, forget about trying to achieve happiness through superfluous goods. In the end, what prevails are good intentions and efforts to do good.

"A life without risk can never be a healthy life." If you do not risk everything you fear for fear of losing, then you will not be living at all. In the end, not risking or making decisions will weigh you and you'll end up regretting your whole life.

"Physical force can never permanently withstand the impact that spiritual force has." It seems a phrase made, but it is true. The physical force can never be compared to the spiritual, because it is the latter that moves mountains.

"The miracle is not to fly in the sky or walk in the water. The miracle is to be able to walk on the ground." Many times we seek happiness in the mystical or that we cannot see. But do not forget to be humble, take care of what you already have and not expect impossible. When you accept it, you will be happy.

"To live spirituality every day, we must remember that we are spiritual beings spending time in a human body." We're here in passing, so it's not worth taking anything too seriously, don't you think?

"Spiritual awareness develops when you are flexible, spontaneous and generous and good to others." And everything else will come alone. It's about being a good person and showing gratitude for what you have. The rest will come with your attitude.

"For better or worse, everything that is happening to you right now is a product of the decisions you made earlier." Nothing is pure chance. Our actions have consequences, so it doesn't hurt to think twice before saying those words or doing what you thought.

"If you want others to be happy and be happy too, practice compassion." No one is perfect, nor may many have the same fate or talents as you. Don't take anything too hard either. Before getting angry, think: is it really that serious or so important?

"You must be able to flow with what happens and leave your mind free. Accept whatever you are doing and the result of it." To live is to flow. The success lies in knowing how to adapt. And this can be applied to the personal as well as the professional.

"There is nothing more important than finding your happiness." As long as you don't hurt anyone, nothing else should be important. If it makes you happy, that will impact how you face your life and social relationships with others. In the end, everyone wins.

"The power to control all our emotions and feelings is what leads us to a full life." It is one thing to flow, and another not to be able to control our mind. Do not let yourself be dominated by your emotions. Even if they guide you, you cannot let them take full control over you.

Famous spiritual phrases

Not only nowadays with the figure of some emerging gurus, but throughout history, multiple famous or historical personalities already put their grain of sand through phrases and spiritual and inspiring quotes. These are some of them:

"Just like a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life", of Buddha. We strive to obtain material goods, but the truth is that a life without a spiritual component is an empty life.

"Jump from the circle of time to the circle of love"from Rumi. In addition to being grateful people, we should not be afraid to show our love to all who deserve it. And most importantly, always keep these relationships.

"He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened", from the philosophy of Tao Te Ching. The day you meet and accept yourself completely, a new world of spirituality and gratitude will open before you.

"If we master our mind, happiness will come", by Dalai Lama. As we said before, being able to master our mind is one of the biggest keys to being happy and living comfortably with our emotions and thoughts.

"People only see what they are willing to see", by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Many times we have reality (good or bad) right in front of our eyes, but we don't know how to see it. An open mind and willing to accept whatever comes will help us perceive things as they are.

Surely on some occasion you will have resorted to this type of phrases to encourage you or find answers. There is nothing wrong with it, and we assure you that many more people than you think (and increasingly) also turn to them.