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Evolutionary Tantric Numerology, what it is and how it can help us

Evolutionary Tantric Numerology, what it is and how it can help us


  • 1 What is Numerology?
  • 2 Origins of Numerology
  • 3 Evolutionary Numerology
  • 4 Numerology and date of birth
  • 5 The symbolism of numbers
  • 6 How to calculate your number on the date of birth

What is Numerology?

Numerology is considered an ancestral science that helps us to have a wider knowledge of ourselves.. It is a tool for not only knowing ourselves but, from that, relating to others in a respectful and unconditional manner. It is a ROAD OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE. It shows us our "challenges" as well as our "innate qualities." Using these potentials you get the necessary strength to overcome the challenges of everyday life.

It is said that numbers are one of the most perfect and elevated human concepts. According to those who practice it, numerology is the discipline that seeks to investigate the "secret vibration" of that code and teach how to use numbers to their advantage, by studying their influence on people, animals, things and events.

Origins of Numerology

Already in the year 530 a. C., Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, methodically developed a relationship between the planets and their "numerical vibration." He called it "music of the spheres". Through his method of numerology, he said that words have a sound that vibrates in line with the frequency of numbers as another facet of the harmony of the universe and the laws of nature.

According to numerologists, numbers are much more than a way to measure or quantify what exists around us. Pythagoras believed that the universe should be seen as a harmonious whole, where everything emits a sound or vibration. The numbers from 1 to 9 are associated with specific characteristics, which together cover the whole experience of life.

This type of study has been introduced in the West during the last century and is becoming increasingly relevant, given the current living conditions of people, increasingly isolated from each other and at the same time depersonalized. Somehow this technique helps us connect with our innermost self.

Evolutionary Numerology

The Evolutionary Numerology or better known as Tantric, comes from the Sikh culture of India. They referred to the relationship between numbers and different energy bodies of the person and how we could reach this knowledge through the numerical symbols that make up our date of birth.

Its basis is the deep study of our way of being, by analyzing five factors that make up our existence, according to the teacher Yogi Bhajan: soul, Karma, Divine Gift, Destination Y Lifetime. These factors are calculated from the date of birth, which allows us to have an orientation of our way of being as follows:

  • soul: our internal way of being, that which we don't always show to others, that we keep for our inner and more personal life.
  • Karma: our way of being with the outside world, our way of relating to others and how others see us.
  • Divine Gift: This number is considered as a blessing, a force, an energy that contains the gifts with which we come to this life and that help us in all the challenges we face.
  • Destination: which represents what we have done and have worked in past lives.
  • Lifetime: It is the one that tells us what we need to work and what we need to deepen for our spiritual evolution in this life.

Through this study we can know the challenges we have in this life, for ourselves and for others, while understanding the blockages that we can have and that prevent us from being connected with our soul. It also shows us those possible blockages that do not allow us to have harmonic relations with our environment. Another quality of this study is that it reveals our gifts or potentials, our personal talents, which we bring from past lives in which we have worked previously. By becoming aware of them, we can use them to improve our life here and now, allowing us a greater connection to the purpose of our life, empowering our talents and strengthening our weaknesses.

Numerology and date of birth

Can our birth date give us information on how we are and how we could become a better version of ourselves?

Beyond the time factor they represent, the numbers of our date of birth contain in themselves a valuable source of information. Through the learning of numerological science, these numbers come to life, showing us all our reality, both the most conscious and the one we may not yet know.

In addition, according to the techniques that regulate Numerology, both the Name as the date of birth they create a numerical formula that accompanies the individual from birth to death and the vibrations that it emits allow us to:

With this technique you can make a deep analysis of the personality, which includes, character, vocation and profession, love and affinities, life goals, and other interesting details such as:

Accentuate the positive qualities and natural abilities of a person, and combat or improve weaknesses, changing behavior and temperament problems.

Advise on the choice of studies and / or profession according to the vibrations that appear in the numerological chart.

Know in advance the tendency of each new year to act according to your vibrations and thus know the appropriate time to make decisions or understand important issues.

Change the course of our destination if it is not satisfactory by using negative vibrations.

The symbolism of numbers

Below we show you the symbolic name, which corresponds to each number or spiritual body, the ten Gurus and their qualities:

  1. Head versus Heart:Soul: Guru Nanak: Humility
  2. Yearning to Belong:Negative Mind:Guru Angad: Obedience
  3. Diabolic or Divine:Positive Mind: Guru Amar Das: Equality
  4. Prayer Cup:Neutral Mind: Guru Ram Das: Service
  5. Teacher:Physical body: Guru Arjun: Self-Sacrifice
  6. Person in Prayer:Arc of Light: Guru Hargobind: Justice
  7. Lifting platform:Aura: Guru Har Rai: Compassion
  8. Finite versus Infinite:Pranic Body: Guru Har Krishan: Purity
  9. Mystery versus Mastery:Subtle Body: Guru Teg Bahadur: Serenity
  10. All or Nothing = Radiant Body:Guru Gobind Singh: Royal Courage

How to calculate your number on the date of birth

To calculate the numbers that correspond to your date of birth, you have to perform the following procedure:

Number of soul, is the sum of your birth day.

Number of Karma, is the month of your birth.

Number of Divine Gift, is the sum of the last two figures of the year of your birth.

Number of Destination, is the sum of the four figures of the year of your birth.

Number of Lifetime, is the sum of the day, month and year of your birth.

Example a person born on 10/05/1971, will have the following numbers:

in Alma 1 (1 + 0 = 1); Karma 5; Divine Gift 8 (7 + 1 = 8); Destination 9 (1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 18 = 9);

Life 10 (1 + 0 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6)

In any case, whether or not it is believed in the veracity of this technique, the important thing about this information provided by the numbers is how we use it and especially our free will to make decisions to use it in relevant aspects of our life .

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