45 phrases of anxiety and overcoming

45 phrases of anxiety and overcoming

Anxiety is a cognitive emotional attitude, this means that our emotional system uses it to avoid threatening situations or that generate enormous discomfort or sensation. With it we process the threatening information and, thus, allows us to carry out preventive actions in advance to avoid this future malaise. Find here the best anxiety phrases and learn a little more about this terrible disorder.

Anxiety limits your life. It imprisons you in a small world, drowns you and conditions everything you want to achieve. But you can win the battle.

Quotes about Anxiety

Threats to our self-esteem or the idea we make of ourselves often cause much more anxiety than threats to our physical integrity. S. Freud.

Fear sharpens the senses. Anxiety paralyzes them. Kurt Goldstein

Anxiety cannot be avoided, but it can be reduced. The issue in managing anxiety is to reduce it to normal levels and then use that normal anxiety as a stimulus to increase one's perception, vigilance and the desire to live. May roll.

All we have to fear is fear. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Fear arises from a weakness of the mind and, therefore, does not belong to the use of reason. Saruch Spinoza

I have come to the conviction that anxiety accompanies intellectual activity as its shadow, and that the more we know about the nature of anxiety, the more we will know about the intellect. Howard Liddell

The intensity of the anguish is proportional to the meaning that the situation has for the affected person; Although she essentially ignores the reasons for her anxiety. Karen Horney

There is nothing so characteristic of progress from the beast to man as the decrease in the frequency of justified occasions to feel fear. William James

Hiding or suppressing anxiety produces, in fact, more anxiety. Scott Stossel

Each morning has two handles, we can take the day by the handle of anxiety or by the handle of faith. Henry Ward Beecher

Anxiety kills relatively few people, but many would gladly accept death as an alternative to paralysis and suffering caused by the most severe forms of anxiety. David H. Barlow.

No Grand Inquisitor has prepared tortures as terrible as anguish; no spy knows how to attack with such cunningness the man he suspects, choosing the moment he is weakest, nor does he know how to set the trap so well to catch him as he knows how to do the anguish, and no judge, however insightful, knows how to interrogate and probe the defendant as the anguish does, which never lets him escape, neither with distractions and bustle, neither at work nor leisure, neither day nor night. Soren Kierkegaard.

Anxiety is the most prominent mental characteristic of Western civilization. R. R. Willoughby.

I find it impossible to avoid restlessness, and to such an extent it is shameful for me to expose myself in addition to risky, that in the end, when I look down, I only see the emptiness in my feet; not a reserve of inner strength or external support capable of sustaining me, but a long chasm without any net to stop my fall. Scott Stossel

Worry does not eliminate the pain of tomorrow, but eliminates the strength of today. Run Ten Boom.

The planning function of the nervous system has culminated, in the course of evolution, with the emergence of ideas, values ​​and pleasures: the only manifestations of human life in society. Only man can make plans for the distant future and experience the retrospective pleasures of the goal accomplished. Only man can be happy. But only man can get restless and suffer anxiety. Howard Liddell

Anxiety with fear and fear with anxiety contribute to rob the human being of his most essential qualities. One of them is reflection. Phrases of Konrad Lorenz.

Free yourself from anxiety, think that what should be, will be, and will happen naturally. Facundo Cabral.

No one who has been tormented by prolonged access to anxiety doubts its power to paralyze the action, stimulate flight, annihilate pleasure and endow the thought with a catastrophic bias. No one can deny how terribly painful anxiety can be. The experience of chronic and intense anxiety is, above all, a profound and disconcerting confrontation with pain. Barry E. Wolfe.

The weight of anxiety is greater than that of the evil that causes it. Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe."

When it comes to detecting danger and reacting to it, the brain (of vertebrates) has not changed much. In certain aspects, we are emotional lizards. Joseph LeDoux

When one feels a great fear of what is imminent, one feels some relief when the problem has arrived. Joseph Joubert

Couldn't my anxiety be a normal human reaction to life, even if that reaction is perhaps more acute in me than in other people? How is the distinction drawn between what is "normal" and what is "clinical"? Scott Stossel

Anxiety and panic serve as a protective screen against the acute pain of facing loss, mortality or threats of self-esteem.

Anxiety: a difficult ailment. The patient thinks he has something like a spine inside, something that punctures his viscera, and the nausea torments him. Hippocrates

The symptoms of scenic panic can sometimes take the form of something like a horrible joke tailored to humiliate. John Marshall

No passion, such as fear, so draws from the mind the ability to act and reason. Edmund Burke

In short, being anxious conditions you to be even more anxious in the future.

The hero and the coward feel the same, but the hero uses his fear, projects it on his opponent, while the coward runs away. It's always the same, fear, but what matters is what you do with it. Cus D'Amato.

Can't you ... erase the anguish recorded in the brain and, with a sweet antidote of oblivion, throw the dangerous materials that weigh on the heart from your oppressed breast? William Shakespeare.

Anxiety and tension seem to abound in modern culture, and the current trend is to flee from the unpleasant aspects of its impact. But when has life been without tension? In the long term, is it desirable that a population be always free of tension? Should there be a pill for every mood and every occasion? Report of the New York Academy of Medicine (1956).

Anxiety, under a frame of reference, is a symptom from which to get rid, under another, can constitute a call for a more authentic life, which must be taken into account at all costs. Walker Percy

Go to the heart of danger, for there you will find salvation. Chinese proverb.

The man who lives his life as a consumer, as a "remote control" worker, as a sexual partner; that avoids boredom and anxiety based on consuming tons of press, kilometers of movies and years of television; We all know that such a man has somewhat betrayed his destiny as a human being. Kierkegaard

Missing a loved and desired person is the key to understanding the anguish. Sigmund Freud.

The great source of terror in childhood is loneliness. William James

The first anguish is the loss of the object of maternal care; After childhood and for the rest of life, the loss of love ... becomes a new and much more enduring danger, and a reason for anguish. Sigmund Freud.

A mother who, due to adverse experiences in her childhood, develops an anxious attachment tends to seek the care of her own child and induces her to suffer anxiety, guilt and even phobias. John Bowlby

For what, for one, is nothing more than the bite of a flea, can cause another an unbearable torment. Robert Burton

Anxiety may be a luxury in a sense: an emotion that we can only afford when we are no longer worried about "real" fear. William James

Uncertainty intolerance seems to be the central factor involved in high levels of concern. Michael J. Dugas.

As soon as the human brain was able to conceive the future, it became able to feel apprehension about it. The ability to make plans and imagine the future goes hand in hand with worrying, to fear the future.

The ability to withstand anxiety is important for the self-realization of the individual and for their conquest of the environment. Self-realization is only achieved by advancing despite emotional shocks. This indicates the constructive use of anxiety. Kurt Goldstein

Anxious people, since they constantly study the environment to detect threats, tend to be more sensitive to outside emotions and social cues than adrenaline junkies.

Imagination never takes possession of the mind as firmly as when it finds it vacant and unoccupied. Johnson Burton