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How to relieve stress from economic concerns

How to relieve stress from economic concerns

One of the factors that seems most to stress People these days are money related issues.

Many people suffer from economic uncertainty, debts and lack of work. And this sense of insecurity increases in these times of crisis where everything seems even more uncertain. But what if I told you that money itself is not able to give you or take away tranquility or happiness and that it is your “thoughts” about it that are the only ones that can reassure or frighten you? This is good news, because then to recover your peace and tranquility you just have to work on the only thing you have control over what you feel and believe ...

Our beliefs charge money

First, notice how thoughts make you feel like, "I need money to be calm and safe," "I need money to enjoy life and be happy," or "If I don't have money, something very bad can happen." Do these thoughts make you feel anxious, worried, or frustrated? And how do you act when you have these thoughts ?: Do you feel envious of those who have more money ?, Do you think that something is missing from your life ?, Do you complain about your current life ?, Do you cling to the money you have or do you Do you feel guilty when you spend it? Do you work many hours and what you don't like? Now, try to imagine how you would live your life without these thoughts in your mind ... Perhaps you would feel relief, you would take a weight off of yourself, you could enjoy more every day, to do what you like, to be calm, at peace, to enjoy of the little or a lot of money you have ... Note how these thoughts affect your life, how you feel and how you act, when you think about them and when you don't.

Now, if what you are looking for is to feel more at peace and quiet, I invite you to try to see how these beliefs to which we have clung all our lives, can actually be false ... and see what the true relationship between money and your well-being and happiness ... Here I share with you some "evidence" of how these beliefs can be false:

I need money to feel calm and safe

-Many millionaires suffer from worries and fears regarding their financial security, just as many people with few or no resources live happily and peacefully with their lives. Of course there is also the opposite, there are many millionaires who are calm and people without resources who feel unhappy, but that is precisely the point, there is no real connection between money and the tranquility or well-being of these people.
Imagine that someone has all their money invested in stocks and suddenly shares fall and lose that money from one moment to another. That person, until he finds out that he lost the money, continues to feel calm because he "believes" he has it. The "thought" that he has money keeps him calm, when IN REALITY, that money is no longer ... Then, if money were the true cause of his security and tranquility, he hardly lost the money, that person should also have lost At the same time his tranquility but it is not so, only when he becomes aware of the loss and his mind tells him that this is terrible, is that he loses his tranquility ...

I need money to enjoy life more and be happy

-Do you know people who have MORE money than you and who apparently enjoy life LESS than you? And vice versa, do you know people with LESS money than you and yet seem to enjoy MORE life? Look for real examples in your life, take your time ... Can you see, then, how your happiness has nothing to do with money? If so, everyone who has more money than you would "necessarily" have to be happier and vice versa ... and it doesn't happen that way ...

-Can you remember any time when you had more money than you have now but you didn't feel happier than now? And can you think of a time when you had less money than you have now and yet you felt happier than now? Recognizing those moments helps you see that happiness is not governed by the amount of money you have ...

-Think about the things that have brought you the most joy in your life. Maybe it's your partner, being with your children, your family, your friends or maybe some achievement, doing something you love, or helping others. Notice that these joys and satisfactions are not related to money. Once again, money was not the cause of your satisfaction or happiness ...

Another good proof of this is children. They do not need money to enjoy life, be happy, or laugh. Whatever they find in their path becomes a toy, they see everything with curiosity and are able to have fun with the simplest things ... They are a great demonstration that happiness and joy is not in money.
Imagine that by mistake the bank makes a large deposit of money in your account, after a few hours rectify that error and withdraw the money from your account. If money were the cause of your happiness, then you should have been very happy during those hours when all that money was in your account ... but since you were not "aware" that you had that money, you didn't feel any emotion respect ... Can you see how money is not the cause of your happiness?

If I don't have money, something very bad can happen

Recently I was reading about a writer who lived a succession of extreme situations in her life, including the breakup of her marriage, the disapproval of her parents, and finding herself at a level of extreme poverty. These circumstances led her back to her initial dream of writing because, as she said, she had nothing more to lose. She explained that the situations she went through took away everything that was not essential in her life and taught her things about her that she had not learned in any other way.

And just like her, many people who have gone through crises or experiences that they consider extreme, have reported that these situations transformed their lives for good and allowed them to live with much greater intensity, peace and strength thanks to it. As Marco Aurelio philosopher and Roman emperor said: “Love only what happens to you and what is plotted by your destiny. Well, what can best suit your needs?

I invite you to look for all the evidence that allows you to prove "for yourself" that money is not really the source of your peace of mind or happiness but "your thoughts" and beliefs about it. As Marco Aurelio also said: “A man's life is what his thoughts make of her" Checking it helps you to live less contingent on something you can't control, with less fear of not having it and instead enjoy your life more now, with money or without it, because finally for that we want money right?

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