Two characteristics of the psychopath: tolerance to stress and tendency to boredom

Two characteristics of the psychopath: tolerance to stress and tendency to boredom

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The study of people with psychopathy has not stopped evolving during the last centuries. And in addition to the best known psychopath traits how is the lack of empathy, there are other very surprising features. We'll tell you then.


  • 1 Characteristics of a psychopath
  • 2 Stress tolerance
  • 3 Trend to boredom

Characteristics of a psychopath

First, it is necessary to know some of the basic characteristics of a psychopath to understand why this type of traits is defining his personality. These have been studied by psychiatry professionals for centuries, and have managed to reveal many facts that help you understand how your brain works.

The results of the tests and studies carried out in this regard have not ceased to amaze experts in this field. Thus, in many cases common characteristics have been revealed that, in principle, can go unnoticed by people around them.

One of the most recognizable features of psychopaths is the total absence of empathy. That is, the person suffering from a psychopathy he doesn't usually understand the feelings outside him nor is he able to become aware of them.

The antisocial behaviors They are also quite evident in this type of personality. During childhood, they usually present behavioral problems with other partners or a tendency towards isolation.

Already in the adult stage they are people who find it difficult to establish interpersonal relationships. However, it is curious that this type of individual can win the trust of others through a false kindness.

This is because although he cannot empathize with emotions, he is able to recognize them. That is, the psychopath can differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, but they remain impassive before them.

Very related to these disabilities is another of the most popular characteristics of the psychopath, narcissism. In other words, psychopaths tend to have a high self-concept and make an exaggerated self-assessment.

Stress tolerance

Tolerance to stress It is because the brain of a psychopath, due to his total inability to empathize, does not experience remorse or guilt. This makes them use manipulation and deception as a way to achieve your goals without suffering any discomfort.

This means that if at any given moment the individual faces a problem, he usually faces it without anguish, because the consequences that such acts may have do not frighten him in the least.

Boredom Tendency

But how do you explain the tendency to boredom? The explanation is very simple, and that is that the psychopath lacks moral conscience, since his vital objective is to satisfy his needs in the most immediate way possible.

In this way, this type of person continually looks for activities that quench this thirst and that are exciting, because they do not feel intimidated or experience fear. This is why they get bored easily and also have a hard time tolerating this boredom.

The problem of this tendency to boredom and the need to live exciting experiences arises when there are no ethical limits or moral restrictions. This is what leads many of these people to break the law and even commit crimes.

Such characteristics are, therefore, those that make this type of personality tend to resort to criminal acts as a means of self-satisfaction. However, it is important to know that not all people with this problem comment on them, since not all have to be necessarily violent.

The important thing is that people around you notice these strange behaviors and help you seek help, because someone who suffers from this personality disorder does not usually resort to treatment on their own initiative.

Although personality disorders are not usually resolved definitively, with due treatment and attention an individual with psychopathy It can improve your symptoms. For this, a psychological therapy of type can be carried out cognitive behavioral and be combined with specific medication for each case.

However, this type of treatment is not easy to put into practice, since it involves implementing very deep behavioral changes, so active collaboration of the individual is essential.

In the case of psychopaths, their essential characteristics such as the lack of empathy and self-criticism make this task especially difficult, so that in most cases the therapy ends up not being effective.

In short, the psychopath has a number of characteristics that you would have never thought about. Anyway, this does not mean much less that all people with stress tolerance or a tendency to boredom are psychopaths.