Psychological profile of snipers and mass murderers

Psychological profile of snipers and mass murderers

Unfortunately, for a few years we have not stopped hearing the same kind of news on the news: mass murder of a large crowd of people at the hands of a sniper, and this usually happens most of the time in the United States.


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These are the keys to mass murderers

Beyond wanting to generalize, the truth is that the mass murderers who have committed this type of atrocities in recent years tend to share certain similar patterns, and share more features in common than we might think a priori.

First of all it is usually about men instead of women. They are also people who have difficulties in relating with others and finally drag certain anger or guilt Regarding past events.

It is not surprising that after a massacre of this type, neighbors, teachers, classmates or people who knew the murderers say that they were a person who barely spoke, strange and that no solid relationships or hobbies were known.

Therefore, in addition to altered psychological patterns that hinder social interactions, they also feel resentment having felt humiliated in the past by other people in their environment or situations.

Many times, such murders and atrocities are committed simply by revenge. There is no definite cause as such, they just seek to calm their anger and even get some notoriety in front of the media and society.

Well, in the end, the media coverage that they carry out various media when one of these events occurs is so great that, unfortunately, this encourages a future and potential mass murderer to take the step and convinces himself that provoking a massacre of such caliber is a way to achieve recognition .

The situation worsens when, thanks to the legislation in force in the United States, it is relatively easy to get a gun. In the end, you don't have enough control of the weapons that are bought and sold with the consequent danger that they fall into the wrong hands.

In spite of all the problems that the uncontrolled sale of arms is supposing, it seems that there are no signs that the panorama changes, although the sector of citizens against the arms is increasing.

Many argue that weapons are especially useful when defending against other attackers, thieves or criminals. But, nevertheless, we do not stop observing how it is the main cause of the killings at collective level.

As if that were not enough, there are many families who believe in the need to own and master a firearm, which lThe same fathers and mothers are the ones in charge of teaching their children how to use them, even at ages when they are still so small that they can hardly understand the scope of their actions.

Different murder cases, same employer

Whether through the shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas, as in schools and institutes by one of his students or in other institutions and places, the truth is that the vast majority of these crimes are committed by the profile that we have stated above.

Although everything starts as a cause of a grievance or feeling of humiliation on the part of something or someone, then they end up committing this type of killing by indiscriminately killing, the victims being other people different from those with whom they had the initial debt.

In the end, for them it is a way of achieve notoriety and give free rein to the anger and resentment that they have been storing for a while. In many cases, they don't mind dying by killing, they can even see it as a resource to achieve greater impact.

The role of society

Although these types of murders can also be committed, and in fact they have been committed in other parts of the globe, the truth is that it occurs more frequently throughout the United States.

The easy access of any citizen to arms as well as the great media coverage that this type of events reaches worldwide, are two factors with great weight to determine to commit these mass massacres, sometimes more improvised, and sometimes not so much.

Many experts argue that the first step in reducing this type of crime is radically limit access to firearms, in addition to raising awareness about its use to the entire population. Although, due to the large population and the deep-rooted arms culture, it seems very difficult.

Other experts say that it is vital to carry out a massive transformation in the education system from United States. Raising awareness and educating rather than prohibiting is the basis on which these awareness campaigns are sustained.

It seems that until now, insufficient measures are being taken to prevent these massacres. And when they happen, we all put our hands to our heads, but when the media stop giving them coverage, we forget with the same ease that they ever happened.