Get fast and intense orgasms with the Kivin method

Get fast and intense orgasms with the Kivin method

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Now that clitoral suckers have become fashionable and there seems to be a rush to reach orgasm in a few minutes, there is a revolutionary oral sex technique that can bring most women to climax in just three minutes. The Kivin method is an exciting way to practice cunnilingus that in Sixty percent of cases make women have more powerful orgasms and reach them faster. This revolutionized method seems to aim to change oral practices and make women enjoy fast and intense orgasms, at the hands of their partners.

Origin of the Kivin method

Annabelle Knight She is a well-known sexologist in the United Kingdom and has dedicated herself to popularizing this method. She states that, well done, this method can reach revolutionize women's sex life Let them practice it.

It is known from various studies, including the famous study on human sexuality conducted in his day by Masters and Johnson, which the average to reach an orgasm in women is about twenty minutes, although it can vary greatly from one woman to another. It is also known that many females do not reach orgasm with simple penetration, that is why a manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris becomes essential in these cases to reach the climax. Another problem that women encounter is that there are quite a few men who do not know how to practice cunnilingus correctly and this makes this practice not as pleasant as it could be.

That is why a method has been invented to facilitate oral work for couples to be able to reach climax more easily, a method that guarantees orgasm in a matter of minutes. It is the so-called Kivin method. What this method does is to introduce novelties in the position of the couple while stimulating certain erogenous points that what it will do will increase the intensity of the sensations.

There are people who rate the Kivin method as a guarantee of success since reaching the climax With this practice it is a quick and effective task. Further, orgasms seem to be more intense than with traditional cunnilingus.

Those who have tried this method ensure that it is very effective and with a few minutes of stimulation it is easy to achieve orgasm. It seems that three minutes is enough, although there are women who may take a few more minutes. But what is important is that never exceeds ten minutes to climax.

As practiced?

The first thing we should do is change the orientation of the stimulation, instead of putting the head between the legs the couple must be placed on their side. With this method it is recommended to approach the vulva above the thighs instead of below. The hardest thing is to get the right position, but once found, the rest is quite easy.

Once in the correct position, the index finger and thumb should be placed on each side of the clitoris to make it visible. Once the clitoris is visible, proceed to lick the vulva from side to side, with the aim of stimulating a wider area of ​​it beyond that achieved with more conventional techniques. The other hand will be placed in the perineum to feel muscle contractions and control the arrival of orgasm. When the excitement goes up is when you have to concentrate on the top of the clitoris and stimulate it with the tongue.

It's a matter of trying until you get the hang of it. What should be taken into account is that it is a game that is not mandatory to implement in sexual relations It is important to remember that the purpose of sex is to enjoy the journey and not seek orgasm at any cost, so this technique is one more if we want to introduce a novelty in bed.

Although it may seem like a guarantee to get to enjoy sex more, It is a technique that does not have to please all women since in sexual tastes not all people work the same. We must see it as an incentive that we can add, whenever we want the two members of the couple, to our sexual practices.

As it is well defended from sexology, in a matter of sex there are no absolute truths. Now it's up to women to decide if they want to try this method or not.


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