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Bitter life to be happy

Bitter life to be happy

The best we can do to be happy is to make our lives bitter. Without a doubt, it is a great strategy. Bitter life is one of the best methods to achieve quite high quotas of joy. So this article will provide some guidelines to make life bitter in the best possible way. Through the advice we will offer, we ensure that our bitterness will be most successful. You are ready?

Obviously, this article is written in ironic tone, however, there are people who still believe that through certain beliefs they will be happy. We are going to analyze these very firm thoughts in some people and that because of them they cannot be fully happy.

Bitter life to be happier

The following thoughts have been exposed and developed by different authors as a sample of what we should not do to be happier. Sometimes, we insist that our way of thinking is correct even though it leads to bitterness. However, our attitude is the most important and therefore it is necessary to review it and see what we would need to modify.

Create problems

It is important to begin to take over the problems of others, since our own is not enough. Too it will be important that we create new conflicts, real or imaginary. If possible, it is time to start giving excessive importance to small conflicts. All this will make us a happily bitter person, so it is essential that the sooner we get to it, the better.

You're right

It is obvious that you are right in everything, without a minimum of error. Whoever opposes you, be sure that you are wrong. Forget what psychology professionals can tell you, even if they can bring you something good. Your way of seeing life and your approaches are correct. Keep thinking that everything is black or white and that there is only one truth: yours. In addition, this truth is absolute and immovable. When you only stay with the negative aspects of reality, it is not because you are negative, it is because reality is dark, cruel and hostile. Also, when you know what others think is because you read their minds, you possess that ability.

The obsession is beautiful

When something negative happens to you, let it nest in your mind and take root. Take that experience everywhere: to work, to a family meal, to bed ... Let the obsession drip little by little in the form of bitterness. Try to make obsession the center of your life. Enjoy!

The past was always better

Any time passed was better! It's obvious. Everybody knows. In addition, for this it is best to idealize the pastor. Seeing only the good and clinging to it will make the past seem much better. Idealizing everything that happened, ignoring the bad times, is the best way to not enjoy the present. That is why it is so important to live looking back, so as not to live day to day fully.

Enjoy only the future

Defer joy and enjoyment for the future. Why enjoy the present being able to do it in the future? It is best to settle for the bad you know and give up the good you can know. If you propose, you will see how you can find an excuse to postpone the joy and not live the present.

What is the worst thing that can happen to you? Always think about it

It is very important that you prepare for the worst. Life is bad and that's why it's good to be prevented. Always think of the worst thing that can happen to you and turn it around, many turns. The more you think about it, the less clueless the problems will catch you. What is the worst thing that can happen to you in two or three years? Think about it and don't let go of that thought.

Compare everyone

If we want to achieve high levels of bitterness, we should not hesitate for a second to compare ourselves with others. The best comparison is that in which we look at what others have and we lack. Let's put aside our successes, it is best to focus on our failures and compare them with the achievements of others. Through this exercise you will prevent yourself from enjoying what you already own.

Don't accept yourself, don't love yourself and don't forgive yourself

To bitter life is much better to forget to accept and love. That is for others. Also, if someone loves you and accepts you, it is surely because he is not very well or because he is interested in something about you. On the other hand, if forgiving others costs us, how much it will not cost us to forgive ourselves! Better not even try.

Life is something very serious, so you better not smile

When you have a problem and someone smiles, ask: what are you laughing at? Faced with problems, you don't have to laugh, you just have to be serious. Smiling is foolishness and is synonymous that you are not taking problems seriously. Stop smiling at life and get serious, only in this way will you start doing things right.

Final reflection

Isn't it true that reading the preceding paragraphs is laughable? Well, still many of us create more problems than we have. Although we know that the above is absurd and only causes suffering, how many of us do not imagine problems that do not exist? How many do we tend to become obsessed with ideas? It's time to start changing!


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