Oral sex, overcoming taboos

Oral sex, overcoming taboos

Oral sex is one of the best known practices worldwide, although in recent years, they have been created taboos, lies and stigmas and even envy about it, despite being in some countries quite normalized.


  • 1 A popular practice
  • 2 It must be a desired practice, not obligatory
  • 3 Hygiene, synonymous with health
  • 4 Take precautions
  • 5 Get carried away and enjoy

A popular practice

Oral sex is a very pleasant practice if done well. Between the men physically and biologically speaking, It is one of the most resorted, requested and expected by the sexual partner Affective, and many times, in a single casual encounter. Even in jokes or in atypical or colloquial conversations, there is always some reference to it, at least, I have many acquaintances who are like that, regardless of their age. And of course, time should not be an impediment, more or less, it is usually something that likes to last more or less.

It is true that Many women have more qualms when talking about it and even teach or ask their partner Let them do that practice or how they like it. That is why today many women do not enjoy this practice because they do not know how it is, to be ashamed of “not being as fast” as they are, when it is clear that our way of reach orgasm by nature and under normal conditions, it is not usually so fast - and less if the conditions do not allow it, we suffer from stress, or we take any medication (including the pill itself), or there has been no previous stimulation, etc. - although in summer or with warm temperatures there is usually more ease of orgasms and body warming. Fear or modesty also prohibits many of them.

It must be a desired practice, not required

Yes it is true that it should not be a practice that is done by obligation to the other. It is also true that in a “one night” adventure many people refuse to have oral sex with the other party due to ignorance, lack of mutual trust, or simply, not to be the practice that we are interested in doing in a meeting, or because neither be in their plans nor they like it. And everything is acceptable, because sexual intercourse should never be forced.

Many women have refused to practice oral sex for their partners because they are not satisfied or not pleasant or funny, or because it has not been a kind of mutual practice. Unfortunately, a large number of men still love that their women satisfy them and yet they are not able to correspond to them because of laziness, fatigue, or because they are not having fun, or they are not quite empathic, although many times they do want a "deep throat" at their side capable of tolerating and doing everything, while they give nothing. And that frustrates, in this practice, in others, and even in the relationship if they behave like this.

Hygiene, synonym of health

Hygiene, as always, is essential in this type of practice. Cleaning without obsessing and above all, take care of the moments in which the body is somewhat stressed, digesting or whatever you want to say, the truth is that receiving certain odors and gases at the time when oral sex is taking place is not usually pleasant for many of us, and diplomacy or respect for the other party (even if the sexual game is of submission) is essential for a certain success and satisfaction. Unless so agreed by both or the parties that are part of the interaction.

Health conditions are also important. It is well known that With oral sex you can get any type of sexual infections, although women are usually more likely to get sick, and men simply transmit some diseases, such as candid. And be careful that they tell us "look what happens to you for doing that" or "you deserve it for a slut", because there are people over 30 who still have those thoughts.

To take precautions

It is clear that taking precautions is always necessary in sporadic meetings, and that the condom must be a complement, not a thing of fools and "exits", and as there are so many different types today, it should be more fun to learn and play with them, as well as vary.

Semen can transmit infections such as gonorrhea, herpes, etc. and even HIV. Although we do not have to see it as something negative, since neither everyone has it nor is it so bad, since it has been discovered that it can have effects beneficial on the skin and many people are excited that their partner swallows it, especially in stable couples.

Let yourself go and enjoy

Like other ways of giving and receiving, in oral sex there are very different and different ones in each person. There will be who likes it in a certain way or who wants to try other ways. Today there are multiple sex toys that can be used There is who likes to introduce food and other sexual tactics simultaneously, and who prefers to do it in different places. It is usually one of the things that some couples cheat to their respective, since there are many people who walk through the halls or bars looking for who offers this practice since they do not do it at home, or who cheats on their partner because they do not give what they need or want.

The variety is in taste.


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