Is the sex of reconciliation really beneficial?

Is the sex of reconciliation really beneficial?

That he sex It can be taken for a lot of reasons is nothing new. But in this article we want to talk about the sex when used for reconciliation, as well as its pros and cons.

What exactly is sex for reconciliation?

Surely you have ever discussed with your partner and, after the discussion, you had sex. Usually, that sex is called reconciliation sex, because it serves to end culminate the reconciliation (which was predictably started shortly before).

Usually, it is very passionate sex, since all the mixed feelings that have been released during the discussion are mixed together with those of the love and sexual relationship.

So much so that, for many people, the sex of reconciliation is one of the best that can be practiced, even reaching to have discussions to be able to have this type of sexual relationship later.

Today we are going to talk about some things and the pros and cons that exist with this type of sex.

Things you didn't know about sex for reconciliation

By its nature, this way of practicing sex has many elements and connotations that are not always obvious and that should be known.

It serves to say "I'm sorry"

As you probably already know (because you've ever done it), sex for reconciliation is very often used to ask for forgiveness. And, after an argument, a distance is created between both parties, and it is not easy to know how to deal with pride. Sex can help us.

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However, you have to be clear that, although you can use sex to say sorry, the truth is that no act will ever replace an apology, since this is the way to recognize that we were wrong.

Therefore, sex for reconciliation can be a first step, but don't forget to ask for real forgiveness later. That will strengthen your relationship much more.

It can make the situation worse

Generally, sex for reconciliation is a sex that makes you feel very good, so we have already discussed above. Nevertheless, There can also be a sexual relationship that is not pleasant.

If this happens during sex for reconciliation, it can cause the feeling of emptiness and anger chronify the anger of the one who already left before having sex. This happens, especially when the woman feels that it is the other person who has made a mistake.

As a curiosity we will say that, according to the Chandigarh Institute of Medical Education Graduates in India, 38% of women feel sexually dissatisfied in their marriage, and this can be quite dangerous when a relationship is balanced and endures in the time.

Therefore, to the extent possible, when you have sex for reconciliation, do your best to offer satisfaction (both physical and emotional) to your partner. This will reduce the risk of the anger of which you were starting off.

It can become a problem

Obviously, it may seem that the sex of reconciliation is a way to solve the problems of the couple, to the point that it is normalized to constantly discuss the fact that there is later sex of reconciliation.

It is clear that this is not a healthy relationship, however much there are many reconciliations. After all, there are only reconciliations where there are discussions. Thus, in principle the fewer reconciliations, the better (because it means that the relationship is going well).

In this sense, we recommend that, if the discussions occur very often, an effort is made to speak and improve the communication of the couple, in order to avoid such conflicts. In some cases, it may even be necessary to go to couples therapy.

It does not serve to forget

Finally, it should be mentioned that the sex of reconciliation does not serve to forget what has led to the fight at first.

It is true that the moment of passion and excitement will cause us to momentarily forget what happened and focus on what we are doing, but, once we return to normal, the original problem will still be there.

Therefore, again, good couple communication will be necessary to solve the problem and not allow it to become confiscated.

Other peculiarities of this type of sex

Some say it is better to have a talk about the points of disagreement between the couple after making love, because if you talk before having sex, You can miss much of the attractive "animal" that has this type of sex.

On the other hand, after sex, we will have released a lot of chemicals in the brain what they will make us more predisposed to talk and solve the problem.

As you can see, the sex for reconciliation It does not have to be something negative, it is something often positive, but we should not use it as a weapon to “catch” the other, nor as a remedy for all the evils of the couple, because by this way we will only cover hide the underlying problems of a relationship. Dialogue and communication should always be our first choice, and if we solve our problems in this way, then, welcome is the sex of reconciliation!