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Myths and secrets of the G-spot

Myths and secrets of the G-spot


  • 1 What is point G?
  • 2 Try different postures to explore the G-spot
  • 3 Press gently
  • 4 G-spot and female ejaculation
  • 5 Men also have G-spot

What is the point g?

Known as G-spot, or Gräfenberg point, is one of the most important erogenous zones of the female body. His name is taken from the German gynecologist Erust Gräfenberg, who first spoke of him in the 40s, although he did not become popular until the 80s.

We found a lot of controversy since within the scientific community there are those who doubt their existence. Several studies conducted with twins by researchers at King's College in London, determined that their existence is subjective and cannot be verified. Their results were criticized for their lack of scientific rigor as a study based on a questionnaire, on the other hand, Emmanuele Jannini, a research sexologist at the University of L'Aquila, published evidence in favor of its existence in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, but this research also has nuances since it did not find this point in all women.

The search for its location must be taken as a sexual game and not as a goal to conquer. The important thing is not to become obsessed with having a G-spot or not, but to learn to enjoy the pleasant sensations of sex

Try different postures to explore point G

The point G is situated inside the vagina facing the clitoris, so that to locate it the best position could be the one in which the woman tends face up on a bed being able to comfortably open your legs.

A large bed will facilitate exploration. You can start the knowledge of this area with the classic posture lying on your back on the bed, although there are other positions that allow you to find the area more easily. One of them is the puppy position. In this, the couple can collaborate from behind, easily reaching the anterior area of ​​the vagina. Another position is that of The butterfly, in which the woman stands on the edge of the bed with her legs open and her partner, between her legs, will look for the point in question.

The important thing is for the couple to experiment and try different positions until they find the one they like best

Another way to stimulate this point is the use of sex toys, there are suitable ways to stimulate this point. It is necessary to look for dildos or dildos with curved ends and irregular textures, those designed for stimulate both point G and clitoris.

Press gently

There are women who feel extra pleasure when they press the G-spot instead of massaging it. Since not all women perceive it in the same way, it is necessary to practice.

This area is full of nerve endings, so the pressure must be gentle so as not to generate pain. It can be accompanied by clitoral stimulation with the hand or tongue to generate more pleasure.

The G-spot and female ejaculation

An adequate stimulation of the G-spot can cause the woman to ejaculate when she is very excited causing her to expel a clear liquid.

It seems that the G-spot can make women ejaculate, what is called squirting, when you are very excited. The liquid that can be ejaculated during orgasm comes from the urethra and is equivalent to a teaspoon of coffee, more less. The sensation, at first, is very similar to urinating, but the fluid that is released has nothing to do with urine and the urge to urinate usually disappears rapidly as the excitement increases.

This female "semen" resembles the male ejaculatory fluid and it has nothing to do with urine, it is believed that they are generated in a system of glands and ducts called paraurethral surrounding the female urethra and that develop from the same embryonic tissue that the male prostate comes from.

Men also have G-spot.

G-spot is usually associated with women, but we can also find it in men. In these, it is called point P and is associated with the prostate gland.

This is a glandular organ that generates part of the seminal fluid responsible for protecting and nourishing sperm. It is in this place that we locate point P, in the lower part of the rectum, between the perineum and the bladder. It is an area that can be stimulated externally with massages, caresses or oral sex. We found her between the anus and the testicles. It can also be stimulated internally, stimulating the prostate through the anus. To do this, you can use your fingers or a specific toy.

This is another controversial issue, since many men think that seeking or stimulating the P point can affect their manhood and that greatly limits sexual play.

Discovering new areas of pleasure in the body should not have anything dirty or objectionable and it would be very advisable to be part of the consensual sexual game between adults.

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