Anal sex, what is it, tips and precautions

Anal sex, what is it, tips and precautions

Anal sex is an alternative during sexual encounters. It includes from kisses and caresses around the anus to the penetration of the rectum by fingers, sex toys or penis. Nowadays Anal sex is one of the most widespread sexual practices in both heterosexual and homosexual couples, being the most common practice after vaginal and oral sex.


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What is anal sex?

Anal sex is a practice unknown and rejected by many, but if its mysteries are known it can be as pleasant as vaginal sex since the anal region is one of the most sensitive in the human body. Day by day It is still a practice with many taboos in our society; As the anus is the place where waste from the digestive system is excreted, it is usually associated with a dirty and contaminated body area, which is why for some people this sexual experience is out of the normal and acceptable, although for others, however, is a habitual and pleasant practice within their sexual repertoire. Everything will depend on the values ​​and beliefs of the person.

The stimulation of the anus can be very pleasant since it is an area with multiple nerve endings. We can stimulate it through the rectum, the G point and the clitoris in women and the prostate in men.

There are people who think that it is not pleasant or that there may be orgasms, but it has been found out and scientifically proven that it is, since in the nerve branches of the anus, always with great tact and delicacy, there is the so-called P point that can produce pleasant orgasms. Also before, due to lack of hygiene, it used to be a practice attributed only to stable couples, something that today anyone does with people who are their stable sexual loving partner or in a casual intercourse.

Penetration is included in the anal games, this can be done by both men and women. Although we usually associate women with a passive role in penetration, a woman can anally penetrate a man or another woman through a dildo attached to her pubis through a harness. This sexual variant is called pegging.

Anal sex in the story

It is a practice that was common in Greece and Rome, in the case of the Greeks, backward penetration in heterosexual practices was very common with both anal and vaginal sex, although nowadays when reference is made “to greek”We talk about anal penetration. In ancient Rome, anal intercourse was common among male and slave Roman citizens.

During the Middle Ages anal sex was rejected by the Church as all those sexual practices that had no reproductive purpose. Already at the beginning of the 20th century Freud He classified it into sexual perversions, which still helps further strengthen the stigma of anal sex as a deviant practice. This stigmatization has reached us to this day.

Tips to enjoy this practice

Anal sex is, like all sexual practice, an option and You should only practice if you really want to do it and not to please anyone. If in the end the person decides to practice it, it will help them enrich their sexual life but there are also those who will always be reluctant to practice it and their decision must be respected. If you decide to try or start there are a number of basic tips to keep in mind:

Clean the area

The anal area should be as clean as possible, especially if that day has not gone to the bathroom. An enema or clean the inside with a damp cloth and fingers in principle will suffice. Anyway, it is good to have wet wipes nearby in case a mishap occurs. Is very It is advisable to use barrier protection methods such as condoms, whether the penetration is with the finger or with the penis in order to avoid contact with the stool and a possible infection besides this It will protect against sexually transmitted diseases. It is not recommended after anal penetration to perform vaginal intercourse unless the penis is thoroughly washed (even if a condom has been used) since the risk of vaginal infection is very high.

Also remember that changing from an anal penetration to a buccal or vaginal change of condom should be a standard of hygiene recommended and practiced as much as possible, and can even give rise to new healthy entertainment. For example, we use the extra fine condom in anal penetration and then we put on the flavored condom for the practice of oral sex, as long as you can ... Of course, pre-stimulation and even during or after penetration is necessary, we are human and not robots, and more in an area like this.

Relax in fundamental

To enjoy anal sex it is necessary to relax and start slowly because the anal sphincter is very strong when it is healthy and there is no incontinence. That is why it is important to start dilating very delicately since if we are not accustomed, just touching the sphincter can trigger a strong contraction reflex. A good technique is to caress the entire area very gently, starting with the perineum with the fingers and then stroking the outside of the anus. If the caresses are pleasant then you can start slowly introducing the little finger and moving carefully inwards.

Communication with the couple is essential at this time so you know if you need to stop because it is painful or annoying. If the initial feeling of discomfort is done correctly it will soon become pleasure.

When the anus has become accustomed to finger penetration you can start using dildos and toys designed for anal sex. It is very important to use only toys designed for this purpose since they have a stop With what they never get into the body completely and it is very easy to remove them, we have to keep in mind that unlike the vagina the anus has no bottom and the toy could end up entering the intestine.

Once the anus is used to penetration with toys, then it can be penetrated with the penis. This penetration will be done with a very relaxed anus and with a lot of smoothness and a generous lubrication will be essential. The couple may be stimulating the clitoris or penis to increase the excitement.

Recommended sexual positions

There are multiple positions to practice this type of intercourse, it is good to adopt positions in which the receptive couple can control the movements and feel less vulnerable, for example that of the missionary but with the person penetrated up or sitting in a chair. The important thing is that the posture is comfortable for both and that allows to enjoy this sexual practice.

The positions of the practice of anal sex may be similar or the same as some we use in vaginal intercourse, such as the puppy, the chair, the missionary, from behind, or the spoon They are usually the best to achieve good orgasms.

Other forms of anal sex

We must know that not only does penetration exist, there are also other techniques known as anal kiss or annilingus and masturbation. In what is the anal kiss, it can be very stimulating and remember that there yes that the bites are not usually well received, but the fact of kissing the anus does increase the risk of venereal infections, perhaps much more than the penetration, apart that there may be some unwanted accidents in such practice (odors, gastrointestinal problems, etc.). And no, not everyone who does the annilingus does it for true love, but for pleasure, sometimes for morbid and sometimes for trying. Like other practices, not everyone is open to it, nor does everyone repeat, nor is more to be done, nor is it less.

Final thoughts

Today there are a number of toys such as vibrators, dildos, rings, lubricants, specific creams, and other products that can be fun to introduce in the variety of anal sex.

We must remember that abusive laxative consumption can be harmful to the anus, since it is something that many people use to be able to have anal sex, and remember that there are healthier alternatives in the diet. One must also be careful with anal tears, since it is not difficult to suffer a sexual accident.

But like everything else, the variety is the taste.


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