Male and female erogenous zones, what are they and where are they?

Male and female erogenous zones, what are they and where are they?

There is no doubt that in order to enjoy the most gratifying sexual relations possible, it is very important to know both our body and that of our partner, to know what we like and those areas that more or less pleasure provide us and as the stimulation of so-called erogenous zones are able to activate our desire and that of our partner.


  • 1 What is an erogenous zone?
  • 2 Primary Erogenous Zones
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What is an erogenous zone?

A Erogenous zone is the part of the body that is sexually excited when touched or stimulated.

The differences between men and women have always been imposed when classifying these parts of the body, traditionally the male gender has always been the worst unemployed since it has limited its erogenous zones to little more than the penis and testicles, compared to the supposed greater complexity and sensitivity of the female body. Despite these beliefs, numerous studies show that there is a great level of correlation between men and women, the only thing that changes is the intensity. Variability is especially individual, since it changes from one person to another depending on their tastes, learning and individual characteristics.

We find three types of erogenous zones, let's see them.

Primary Erogenous Zones

They are the areas that they include the sexual organs, these are characterized by having numerous nerve endings. In women they are the clitoris and the vagina. The optimal way to caress the clitoris is by circular movements, while to stimulate the vagina it will be done through the muscular contraction of the penetration, either of the penis, fingers or some toy.

In men, the primary erogenous zones are located in the penis. To achieve arousal, the movement must be rubbing, imitating penetration.

Secondary erogenous zones

They are those areas that when touched they cause the excitement of the primary areas, in addition to enhancing sexual pleasure on their own. These areas do not necessarily cause orgasm.

In women we find these areas in the area of ​​the pubic area, the buttocks, the lips and the entrance of the vagina, the perineum, the anus and the breasts, especially areola and nipple.

In men these areas are found mainly in the area around the anus, the perineum and the inner sides of the thighs and chest.

Let's describe these erotic areas a little more:

  • Mouth; This includes lips and tongue. Let's not forget that it is one of the most likely sexual instruments, since you can kiss, lick, bite. You just have to let your imagination use and grant it the status it deserves.
  • Neck, neck, shoulders and back. They appreciate from a good massage with hot oil, to the game with an ice cube.
  • Ears; lobes and back of them. In addition to playing with them they can also be used to whisper sensual words and thus intensify more pleasant sensations
  • Breasts and nipples: The caresses in this area tend to be more stimulating for women than for men. In fact, there are women who reach orgasm with the only stimulation of the nipples ...
  • Thighs: Especially the internal part, the sensations increase as we get closer to the genital area
  • Perineum: It is the area that extends between the anus and the vagina or scrotum. Its stimulation is very pleasant since it has many nerve endings
  • Testicles: If they caress each other delicately, many men love caresses in this area.
  • And of course, buttocks and anus; a highly sensitive area that is worth stimulating.

Potential erogenous zones

It can be considered that all the skin is an erogenous zone, although there are parts that are more likely to produce sexual arousal if they are caressed or kissed.

These are the parts of the body that, although they are not considered input as erogenous, they are stimulation can lead to exciting sensations and stimulate primary areas. These areas have, in fact, an erotic dimension and present a great individual differentiation both to their location and to the intensity in the excitation they produce.

For example, we find people who get very excited if they are touched feet, the belly button or the neck, for example, instead, other people who dislike the rubbing of these areas. This individual variety plays a lot our mind and our individual learning.

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In the sensitivity of the areas of our body there is a innate and acquired part. According to several studies, it seems that physical contact with the mother during childhood plays a decisive role in the child's sensory perceptions, the greater the contact the more receptivity. An explanation offered by some experts as to why women have more sensitive areas than men is because female babies seem to be given greater physical signs of affection.

In any case, Erogenous zones give pleasure if we are relaxed and receptive, if we are stressed or worried at the moment, they will tickle us or even upset us.

As these areas are very sensitive, they have to be very careful, since if there is no adequate sexual arousal, their stimulation or too intense stimulation can be unpleasant and even painfulFor that reason, these areas should be left at rest during the refractory period, in which there is a hypersensitivity and the minimum friction can be annoying.

In conclusion we can say that the knowledge of our pleasure areas and those of our partner will help us to enrich our sexual life enormously.

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