The 35 best questions to play "truth or dare"

The 35 best questions to play "truth or dare"

Who has never played the famous "truth or dare" game? Beyond its entertainment component, this also means a great opportunity to get to know other people better, both its secrets and its limits. Let's see what questions we can get it with.

Truth or Dare? An opportunity to get to know other people better

Playing this game, as we say, can be a great opportunity to know better how other people's minds work, their secrets, how far they are able to reach and many other aspects. Some interesting questions would be the following:

What is your best kept secret?

This question will make the other person tell us some intimacy that may be interesting to better know their limits and that they have never dared to tell.

Have you ever lied?

We all lie on occasion, but it is good to know when, how and why.

What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you or what do you remember?

The answer can be very funny.

If you could have sex with any of the people who are present, who would it be?

With this question we can discover secrets that we do not imagine, like your wishes for other people.

What would you do if you surprise your partner masturbating?

Morbid question, but that can give a lot of play.

What would you change yourself on a psychological level?

In this way we see what their weaknesses are. Who knows if one day it can come in handy.

What aspect would you change about your physique?

In this way we see what are the possible complexes.

Who would you like to look like and why? You can say some famous.

In this way we can deepen their personality and their life goals.

What has been the best day of your life?

This question will make us know better what makes you happy.

What has been the worst day of your life?

This will help us to know difficult episodes of their lives.

How would you like it to be your first perfect date?

With this question you can discover how to flirt with that person

What bad thing have you done that nobody knows?

It is easy to recognize achievements, difficult our sins, try to see ...

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

This question is very interesting, it helps to know what hidden wishes the other person has

What animal would you be?

The animal that a person chooses is usually the reflection of his personality.

Have you ever hidden something from your partner?

We all hide something, will you be able to recognize it?

What is your most recurring sexual fantasy?

Everyone has sexual fantasies, but not everyone wants to talk about them.

How many people have you had sex with?

Curiously, when faced with this question, men tend to exaggerate their number of lovers, while women tend to say less than they actually have.

When did you have your first sexual relationship?

Sex is always a recurring theme in this type of games.

Is there anything you regret about what was done in your life?

Another interesting question to know the vital concerns of the other person.

Some secret pleasure you have never told.

The same, makes us better know the private sphere of the other person.

Have you ever been unfaithful?

It's funny, but we can get more positive responses than we imagine.

What is your tactic to conquer a man - a woman?

It is always good to know how others do it, especially if it is someone who easily links.

What would be your power if you could be a superhero?

Here you will know what kind of personality it has on its most hidden side, it may surprise you.

Do you usually have erotic dreams? Which?

Another question linked to sex that can reveal its most hidden desires.

What and who would you take to a desert island?

Very typical question in these games, but what will make the other person think about what their priorities are.

If you had to change your life (profession, city, etc.), what kind of life would you choose?

This question will please the other person, because it will allow him to imagine living another life different from the one he has at that time. Without a doubt, a very inspiring question.

What has been your best sexual experience?

Direct question in which a confession is expected.

And the worst?

The answer can also be very fun.

What do you like least about me?

This question is interesting to know what other people think of you. Of course, you must be prepared for what you can answer.

What would you change about your partner? If you have it, of course.

This will also show what dissatisfactions you have at the partner level.

Who do you like now?

Ask for people who don't have a partner.

How do you look when you are 60 years old?

This is also very interesting to see the future perspective of the other person. You can make this very different from your current lifestyle.

Have you done something that you regret influenced by alcohol or drugs?

Substances of this type can make us carry out acts that we would never do in a state of sobriety.

What is the biggest fear you have in your life?

We all have fears, but these can be very different in one person or another.

Who do you think is the sexiest of the people here?

With this question you will discover what your tastes are in a matter of couple, take advantage!

In conclusion, games like “truth or challenge” can be very useful to get to know our friends, partners or family members more thoroughly. Of course, we must be respectful both with the truths that they confess and with those secrets that do not want to be revealed.