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Stroke, stroke or acute cerebrovascular disease

Stroke or acute cerebrovascular disease appears because of some alteration in cerebral circulation, which in turn, produces a temporary or definitive deficit in the functioning of one or several areas of the brain. Why are acute cerebral vascular events called “stroke”? Ictus is a Latin term that means "coup", in Anglo-Saxon languages ​​it is called "stroke", describing the unexpected and abrupt nature of this event.
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Three children

A man has three children, the oldest of whom is three years older than the median who is three years older than the youngest. The ages of the three children total 57. How old is the youngest child? Solution If we turn the sentence into an equation we have to: x + (x + 3) + (x + 6) = 57 where x = 16 is the age of the youngest child.
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